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[Solved] Opera GX installing Normal Opera

  • Im using Opera GX but after a few moments it changes to normal Opera and i cant open GX again

  • @kramcell What exactly do you mean? It doesn't make much sense.

  • i installed Opera GX but after few hours the Opera GX changes to normal opera, the default one(Opera Browser).

  • @kramcell Please define Opera GX changes to normal opera. What exactly happens?

  • @kramcell Hi, sorry for the problem. In order to investigate the issue we need more information.

    1. Did you first install Opera and then Opera GX?
    2. Where did you install Opera (if you installed Opera yourself)?
    3. Where did you install Opera GX?
    4. Can you navigate to Opera installation folder and list what's included (if you installed Opera yourself)?
    5. Can you navigate to Opera GX installation folder and list what's included?
  • @themaciekk I have the same problem. I didn't install normal Opera. I installed only Opera GX.
    This is Opera GX installation folder "C:\Users\harcs\AppData\Local\Programs\Opera GX". I attached the photo of this folder. I reinstalled Opera GX today and I've got this version: LVL 1 (core: 62.0.3331.96). But after few hours Opera GX changes to normal Opera and it creates new folder (C:\Users\harcs\AppData\Local\Programs\Opera GX\ 62.0.3331.99 ) It looks like something changes "launcher.exe" with Opera GX's logo to "launcher.exe" with normal Opera's logo. If it changes to normal Opera again i will attach again the photo of installation folder.

  • my theory is that opera autoupdate detects opera gx folder as a regular opera variant as it cant distinguished who's who or what variant it is exactly . maybe auto update simply install regular variant only instead of GX, im not sure really.. will be best if we'll be given an option to disable autoupdate.. like make it manual

  • This is installation folder after change to normal Opera. A moment ago i reinstalled Opera GX again and I deleted opera_autoupdate.exe file from "62.0.3331.96" folder. IMO, like @rjackdaw said, the problem is that Opera GX updates automatically to version 62.0.3331.99 which is normal Opera.

  • Yes, we confirm that this issue occurs. I've contacted you on this forum's chat so we can communicate in a bit more direct way. We'll need your help to identify the problem.

  • It has been confirmed that some antivirus/utility software that is trying to keep up to date the apps installed on the host system may mistakenly install Opera Desktop on top of Opera GX. Proper actions has been taken to prevent such situations in a future but for now it is recommended to configure any AV software to exclude Opera from such updates.

    If Opera GX has already been overwritten by Opera Desktop, please do as follows:

    • delete any version subfolder from the Opera GX installation directory (you can see example of them on the image attached above)
    • download and install new copy of Opera GX and install it in that same place as previously. The user data is in most cases kept outside of Opera's program files so you should be able to recover the GX installation completely to the state from before the overwrite.