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Opera doesn't respect search choices

  • I've been trying to convert to Opera at work and frankly, it's a PITA. The biggest hurdle is controlling how search works. We have an internal search engine which connects us to all our internal tools and I can't set it as the default. Aside from that, the engine is supposed to respect the keyword chosen for a search engine I add myself, but it doesn't.

    DDG is my default search, and the custom internal search engine I've set to a keyword. When using the keyword with more than one search term, it defaults to Google.

    Google isn't even my default search engine! But really, how do I get Opera to respect the keyword and use my work's search engine?

  • @colyn1337 This forum has its own search.

  • Exactly! It's absurd that you can not change to your own search engine. We have 2019!

  • This post is deleted!
  • @arkus1995 This forum has its own search but you should be able to use any search engine to search on it

  • @arkus1995 You've posted in the "Forum feedback" forum, which is about issues with this website (or other websites), which is why Leo answered you talking about searching the forum. If you want to post about Opera not allowing you to set a custom search engine as default, you should really just support one of the existing threads in the Feature requests forum. If you want to post about your keyword issue, that post should go in Opera for computers or one of its sub-forums, and should probably include a mention of what keyword you assigned it to.

  • @leocg @sgunhouse neither of you read the post. The browser allows you to add search options and set keywords. if the browser sees you lead with the keyword, it is supposed to respect your selection, that's the point of it. And it does, until you add a second word. This post is about a bug in the keyword search function.

    As moderators, you should be more attentive.

  • @colyn1337 Please follow the rules and post in the correct section of the forum.