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  • @juancito1968 yea we know how he acts! Honestly we don't really use FB much anymore personally. We are trying to move to MeWe. It is a change no doubt but a pretty nice site it seems. Unfortunately my wife has to use FB still just for her cake business. We have paid Zuck a good deal of money over 10 years to get almost 6k followers and it honestly does her pretty good for business but I hate the market and hardly ever use it, It's a big mess is about all it is. We are duplicating our business pics over on MeWe now but that will take time to hopefully get everyone over there as well. I wish it was more local / friend of friend style based but it doesn't seem to be best i can tell so far and I haven't found a great alternative to FB yet other that that. I wish FB would be sold out or split up or anything honestly to get out from under his ridiculous little rule. Thanks for the fix temporary or otherwise. We will continue to play the game best we can. Thanks!

  • @st333v I don't know how some of this stuff works. I do the best I can I guess. I thought the revert site was made by same author. We did figure it out. Mode 2 does work in group yes .... sorry for mis-posting or whatever.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Cannot re-install/update it on Opera...
    It show's "Installed" and refuses to re-install

  • @amishachar You can't reinstall extensions, you need to uninstall first and then install again.

  • I'm sorry @leocg but, it is at least insufficient answer since this is the first time for me (since the almost beginning that I find myself need to uninstall than re-instale just to update my version that was the recent up to this current one.
    On top off all, without any explanation WHY and without any prenotice on that need on the update notice...

  • @amishachar You said that you couldn't reinstall the extension and I gave you a reply explaining that extensions can't be reinstalled.

    Now, talking about updates, they should be automatic. You can also try enabling developer mode in the extensions manager page and then click on the update button.

  • OK, problem resolved By-Itself....
    I'm now on ver. 33 without doing anything...
    When I've followed the instruction how to update my version that was the previous one, I found myself bumped on the issue I wrote about.

    Somehow it didn't update itself automatically as always
    Somehow I got wrong instruction to make it
    Somehow it have reconstructed itself by itself

    AI ? 🙂

  • @amishachar What instructions are those?

  • A link on this page (FBP) when there is newer version than mine...


  • In fact.... This one since I just discovered even newer version.
    From this page I cannot update !!
    Ha, just on time 🙂


  • @amishachar That instruction is to install the extension, not to update it. The instructions to update, if the automatic one fails, is on the box.