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Orphaned Keyboard Shortcut - Please Fix

  • @leocg I've already answered these questions.

  • @op3000 What is the behavior with other browsers?

  • @op3000 said in Orphaned Keyboard Shortcut - Please Fix:

    At some point, a newer build of Opera started claiming keyboard shortcuts that are not actually tied to features. These shortcuts interfere with Microsoft Outlook. Opera is claiming Ctrl+Shift+1, Ctrl+Shift+2, Ctrl+Shift+3. I am not sure of the other shortcuts that are being claimed, there may be more.

    Even though they are claimed they cannot be found in Opera's settings to be reassigned or disabled.

    I am using Outlook 2016 with Opera 62 (stable) & 63 (developer) on Windows 10. Both browsers are causing the issue. I do not get a response from Opera if I enter Ctrl+Shift+1, for example, but a web search shows it used to be the "Manage view for search panel" shortcut. Source. I really appreciate a fix for this bug, because it only introduces an annoyance in a browser that is improving all the time.

    I need to correct what is above. Ctrl+Shift+2 works normally. Only Ctrl+Shift+1 and Ctrl+Shift+3 are claimed by Opera.

  • @leocg Unfortunately, I do not have time to test the behavior with other browsers. I believe I've provided enough information for someone to replicate the issue. If you have access to a Windows 10 instance, you may be able to answer your own question.

  • @op3000 I couldn't find ctrl + shift +number in the list of Outlook keyboard shortcuts.

  • Even with Opera closed, those shortcuts did nothing here.

  • @leocg Try following the steps in this article:

    Search the page for "shortcut keys" to see how to tie a quick step to a keyboard shortcut.

  • Even with all extensions disabled, I find that when Opera is open on Windows 10, the shortcuts Ctrl-Shift-1. Ctrl-Shift-3 and Ctrl-Shift-8 are disabled in other programs, including one where I use these shortcuts frequently. As soon as I close Opera the shortcuts work again. I believe that this has been introduced in the last month or so in an Opera update, and it is very annoying, because I have both applications open most of the time. Any way to suppress this?

  • Merging related topics

  • I join the author of the topic. After the last update (hidden) Opera resetting language keybinds. Hope they will fix this issue quickly.

  • I am experiencing this too. Its about 3 days that this is happening.
    My current Opera version is Version:62.0.3331.43
    It takes over

    I am experiencing this in my code editor PSPad. When Opera is opened, i cannot use the bookmarks (nothing happens). When i close Opera, all works fine.

  • Immediately after updating to Opera 62.0.3331.72 (on Windows 10) this began to affect me as well. When attempting to use Ctrl-Shift-8 in gMail or gDocs to add bullets, nothing happens. I routinely use Chrome for those two pages, but even loading them in Opera itself does not work. As soon as Opera is closed, the shortcut works as expected.

    Has anyone at Opera reproduced this yet?

  • Bizzare issue: As title says, this shortcut input stops working when Opera is open. I've tried closing all tabs, so it's not a site problem. Closing opera is the only solution.

    I essentially need to have Opera open most of the day for employment reasons, and my software that I use the shortcut in as well. How do I solve this conflict?

    I've already checked Opera's shortcuts for this input and I didn't see it. I removed some other ones, but nothing changed. I also tried a keyboard checker program and confirmed this was not limited to software. THose 3 keys together are just not working when Opera is open.

    The bizarre part: CTRL+SHIFT+2, CTRL+SHIFT+4 - 0 all work. Only 1 and 3 seem to be affected.

  • Hello, I am having this issue as well. I am using Ctrl+Shift+1, Ctrl+Shift+2 and Ctrl+Shift+3 as a means to switch between languages in Windows 7 and Opera overrides those shortcuts as long as it is open (Ctrl+Shift+2 still working though). Tried deleting all shortcuts and disabling all extensions, nothing. It is somewhere inside the code as some user pointed out and it is definitely a bug and a very annoying one as it hampers my workflow. Hope developers fix it quickly, as it is really driving me nuts.

  • Still happens with 62.0.3331.99

  • Confirmed. This is still an issue for me as well.

  • Opera Developer 64.0.3388.0 has now reserved Ctrl+Shift+Home and Ctrl+Shift+End. Ctrl+Shift+1 and Ctrl+Shift+3 are working properly again in this Opera version. Again, like before, there isn't any functionality in Opera (that I am aware of) that is triggered by these key combinations.

    Opera Stable 62.0.3331.72 still reserves Ctrl+Shift+1 and Ctrl+Shift+3.

  • There is no good reason for Opera to be reserving any of these combinations outside of its own focus. What is the rationale for commandeering shortcuts which would have no value if you are not using the browser directly?

    I love this browser, but it is causing me so much aggravation while attempting to work I'm looking at alternatives to use if this doesn't get resolved quickly.

  • @op3000 said in Orphaned Keyboard Shortcut - Please Fix:

    Opera Developer 64.0.3388.0 has now reserved Ctrl+Shift+Home and Ctrl+Shift+End.

    Wow, well done. There is no way I will be able to use opera and loose possibility to select text to the beginning/end of file.... Looks like the switch to Opera didn't work out very well...