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  • Somehow i`ve installed somthing that mess up my opera. I dont what it is, so i dont know what to uninstall. What happens is that everytime i mark a text to copy (in the browser), a blue line pops up asking me what to do with the text. I dont get the option to copy, only search in google, post to facebook etc. I dont want this! How do i get rid of it?

  • Not sure why that's happening? Could it be an extension you added to Opera. If you deactivate all extensions, does it still happen. You should be getting in your context menu a copy option in either Opera Presto (12.17) and in Opera Blink (22), among other options when you highlight text and right click on it.

  • Have you downloaded any software/freeware lately, just prior to the appearance of this issue? There are some potentially-unwanted-programs (PUPs) that are sometimes bundled with software downloads, and which burrow their way into browsers, claiming to "enhance" their performance - often in ways very much like what you're experiencing. Some of these PUPs can equate to malware in terms of how deeply they can embed themselves into a system (files, registry, browser, etc) and the inability of the user to identify and easily remove them. Of course, you may indeed have installed a 'legitimate' extension that's doing this, but the behavior is suspiciously similar to some of the obnoxious PUPs out there.

  • Some "sharing" extension?

  • I only see one extension, and deactivating it had no effect. Isn`t it possible to post a screendump here? If u saw it, maby u recognize it.

  • And its opera 12

  • Do you have a link to a site that you can post that is giving you this problem ?, so others can try first hand ?.

    Oh and a free image hosting site is what you need to enable you to post a screen shot here on this forum.

    An example being:

  • del...

  • This is it.

    [Mod note: image link fixed]

  • This is it.

    Seems to be an extension.