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Dark theme - No distinction between active/non-active tabs

  • The previous dark theme was perfect. Not sure what kind of usability testing went into this new dark theme, but there is not near enough distinction between the active and non-active tabs. I find myself frequently clicking on the WRONG tabs, because the important visual cues are now virtually non-existent. Yes, there is a very subtle, barely perceptible difference in the shade. Consider that this likely varies from monitor to monitor, is insufficient to distinguish, and leads to constant confusion due to proper lack of visual cues - a significant step back for Opera, compared to the previous dark theme.

    I am a long time Opera power user and fan, way back since version 3. The introduction of this issue related to the dark theme compelled me to sign up for this first post since the old days. As a UI and Web Developer for 25 yrs, I think it's that important, and is making me reconsider moving to another browser for the first time since Opera 3.

    Please fix this theme. It fails this basic and essential usability test.

    Hopefully someone from the Developer Team sees this post. I notice that I am not the only one confused and frustrated by this UI faux pas.

    Thanks for you attention.

  • There is a distinction, but depending on things like your contrast settings it can be difficult to spot.

  • Recently read that the dark theme got some improvements in the latest release.

    I installed version 62.0.3331.18 hoping the problem of lack of distinction between active/non-active tabs had finally addressed.


    Seems like it should be an important and easy fix. Yes, being able to identify which tab is currently active at a glance seems like an obvious thing to consider when designing anything that expects to be usable.

    When you mouseover an inactive tab - that's a more obvious visual cue, and what should be considered for the active tab. As it is now (still), there is not near enough distinction between the active and non-active tabs. Not everyone's monitor can see the contrast.

    If the theme utilized a user-editable style sheet to define the theme colours, everyone could be happy.

    Until then, I will continue closing my eyes and randomly guessing what tab to click on. Yes, it's that bad.

    Come on Opera, I'm still rooting for you after all these years.

  • I have exactly the same problem with distinguishing active and inactive cards.
    Also, I hope for a change.

  • A decade or so ago there was a "BeOS" skin which made the active tab yellow. I would welcome a user-selectable colour and width for the active tab. In the meantime I use the Tab Slider extension, which places the active tab at far left.

  • Re: Dark theme - No distinction between active/non-active tabs

    Almost 1 year has passed since this issue was raised and not much has changed I'm afraid. I have a pretty decent monitor, color-calibrated, yet I'm struggling all the time to find an active tab. Background color difference is too subtle, the same goes for font color of tab's title.

    Please re-consider to correct this.

  • @crolug Check the topics about Opera developer 69.