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Embedded twitter media not shown

  • @tiroy Adblocker is on by chance?

  • @leocg how the heck would that matter? It is not.

  • Most social media uses trackers, so it is possible the ad-blocker could interfere with something like that.

    While this is an Opera support forum, it is a user forum ... you are unlikely to get a reply from Opera (both Leo and I are volunteers) - and of course it's Sunday so they aren't in the offices anyway. Maybe tomorrow, or maybe not. Though for me using Opera Developer, it shows fine.

    (Though speaking of ... Stable is now at version 62; does it still not work with the new version?)

  • @sgunhouse you are using W10, 8.1, 7 or other OS? Because i have found from comment on reddit, that maybe depends on what OS you have.
    With Chrome from W8.1 it's the same, can't play most of gifs, but on W10, 1903, not problem at all.

    i have disable adblock from opera to see if this cause the problem, but not (stable version 62.0.3331.43)

    example gif that can't play in Opera with W8.1, stable ver. 62.0.3331.43, and with dev. ver. 63.0.3367.0 also

  • @panosv You're off the original topic and should be in your own thread. The issue in this thread doesn't involve GIFs or videos, but embedded Twitter content.

  • @sgunhouse Didn't know this is a user forum (not support one).
    Ok, so anyway I am on the newest Opera 62.0.3331.43, OS is Windows 10 Pro 64bit, build 1809. The reported problem persists.

  • @sgunhouse do you understand that my previous post was deleted by leocg? i don't want to post new one because he told me a i have already post this... and i saw many users to have the same problem, without any solution, and this thread is same, because cant play any gif/video, i don't know why.. we use opera, and in forum, i have see many update for the browser, and this is good, but no fix for this yet?

  • @panosv Stop posting the same thing several times and in several topics, not quite always related and maybe you will not see it being removed.

    By the way,

  • @leocg you delete it and after that you asked me in deleted post.. how is possible to answer if you DELETE it? and there is any solution to this "gifs can't play"? so, that's why i asked it several times. i'd not see any solution, and the problem it's since 2017...

  • It's a pity that this isses stil persists (or no one knows how to help me with it).
    Thinking of coming back to good ol' Firefox...

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