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Opera GX - Update Released!

  • Hi,

    This is a short summary of changes in the latest updates.

    LVL1 (core: 62.0.3331.117):


    • [NEW][GX Corner] Scores on game deals
    • [FIX][Twitch] Make things look better
    • [FIX][Twitch] Broken toggle button view when disabled in twitch settings
    • [FIX][Twitch] Unnecessary background color on focused/selected in settings

    LVL1 (core: 62.0.3331.105):

    • [NEW] Stream title and game info (image and tooltip) added along with two different display options
    • [NEW] New configuration screen for integrated Twitch with convenient option to turn of notification sound


    • [NEW] Typing sound in addressbar, plus configuration if you want to remain in silent mode
    • [FIX] No warning notification on quitting Opera with multiple tabs open after update
    • [FIX] Feedback button background not covering whole text

    LVL1 (core: 62.0.3331.96):

    Improved GX Control - new slider allows better control over memory and CPU limits. It also looks pretty cool!


    • [NEW][GX Control] New sliders that allow better control over limits
    • [NEW] Add more GX easy setup preferences to options page
    • [NEW] Updated style for instant search
    • [FIX] Set as default text have ugly shadow
    • [FIX] 16GB ram visible as 15.93GB
    • [FIX] Change RAM toggle to 0.25 GB
    • [FIX] On browser restart limiters show values in the middle of the slider
    • [FIX] Error in extensions page Could not find value for isGX, [undefined] (isGX) is not a boolean

    LVL1 (core: 62.0.3331.81):

    • [FIX] Sound bar slider not synced with easy setup (except value)
    • [FIX] Switching between color picker modes not synced
    • [FIX] Fix appearance of GX corner badges
    • [FIX] String in Russian translation is too long for the Feedback button
    • [FIX] Crash at opera::`anonymous namespace''::IsMondayTab

    LVL1 (core: 62.0.3331.52):

    • [NEW] Upgrade to Opera Stable 62 version
    • [NEW] Add an option to move GX Corner icon to the sidebar
    • [NEW] Add/reflect GX settings added to easy setup to opera:settings
    • [NEW] Allow to click and move color sliders
    • [NEW] Add GX snap stickers
    • [FIX] Allow to choose color in advanced mode by click and move pointer
    • [FIX] Spellcheck doesn't work
    • [FIX] No sounds on toggle buttons in settings
    • [FIX] When moving down a tab to create a new window the GX corner activates instead of this tab
    • [FIX] Flashing progress bar in installer
    • [FIX] Move enabling/disabling Twitch Sidebar to Easy Setup
    • [FIX][Twitch] Delay on Twitch on low-latency
    • [FIX][GX Control] Limiters set thresholds are not saved when limiters enabled and disabled
    • [FIX][GX Control] Ram limiter settable limits are wrong for odd and non total values
    • [FIX][GX Control] Volume setting is not applied for GX Control
    • [FIX][GX Control] Sounds settings are not respected
    • [FIX] Color picker from easy setup not synced with settings
    • [FIX] Click and move in picker broken after moving cursor from easy setup to settings page

    LVL1 (core: 60.0.3255.51199):

    • [FIX] Fix installer translations
    • [FIX] Crash at opera::ExtensionBrowserSidebarItemContentViewViews::GetView()
    • [FIX] Update Opera GX information in add remove programs
    • [FIX] Enabling force mode in GX control sets limit to 100MB rather than 100%
    • [FIX] Color picker in the settings page does not work
    • [FIX][Twitch] Show all observed channels, show active first
    • [FIX][Twitch] Some channel links do not match their names and thus don't work when clicked
    • [FIX][Twitch] Add filter field for followed channels
    • [FIX][Twitch] Update the sidebar state after logout
    • [FIX][Twitch] Do not close Twitch sidebar after logging out

    LVL1 (core: 60.0.3255.50962):

    • [FIX] Opera unpins from the task bar
    • [FIX] Ugly 1 px line between address bar and bookmarks bar
    • [FIX] Disabling Razer Chroma spawns small windows
    • [FIX] Cannot open easy setup when Razer Chrome is enabled with closed Razer Synapse
    • [FIX] [Twitch] Twitch sidebar UI not refreshed after logging in
    • [FIX] [Twitch] Unable to see any observed channels after logging in when any followed channel is suspended/banned
    • [UPDATE] Update wallpapers

    Final words

    Thanks for all the feedback, both here on the forum and submitted via the "Feedback" button. We can't respond to every single comment, but we're carefully reading them all and they help us focus on right tasks.

    alt text


    ps. thread cleaned to treat this post as a pure changelog.

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