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Frequent timeouts with AMD A10 PC?

  • I use Opera on many PCs - it works great and I love it... but on one specific PC (Lenovo Z50 with AMD A10 CPU with Win 10) it is really bad. Many sites time-out and the browser is unusable at times. Chrome works fine and I tested Opera with gigabit wired connection direct to a new router with 150 Mbps ISP connection. Other intel i5 based PC's work fine on this same network, even with a slower 2.4GHz Wifi connection.

    I have cleared caches, un-installed, re-installed, got the latest versions and even tried the portable version - no luck.

    Has anyone else experience this with AMD CPU's?

    Is there a solution to increasing the time-out parameters so I don't have to invest in another intel PC?

  • @r4t I can identify with this. It started when Windows 10 updated in April and Opera had an update around about the same time. I cannot tell which update is the problem (I have a tendency to think it's Windows 10) but it expresses itself as the mouse refusing to work on the Windows Task Bar and on the Opera Tab bar.

    In other words windows explorer.exe crashes.

    I don't know if this is the same issue you have (I have an AMD board too)

    All I have to do to fix my problem is cntrl-alt+delete and cancel out of the menu and the mouse works (I don't have to open task manager or restart windows explorer.exe). It just starts working by itself.

    I was experiencing sluggishness of Opera timing out on sites a lot but (ironically), that same April Windows 10 update seems to have fixed that particular issue.

    Since that April Windows 10 update, I have noticed very delayed responses from my machine particularly when coming out of sleep or a restart.

    I will never buy AMD again. There seem to be too many Windows 10 problems with AMD boards.

  • Create a new user account on Windows for testing, log into it and test Opera there.? Does it work fine there?

  • @TJCJC thanks for the info, it supports my suspicion.

    I think AMD is fine for the casual/light user and is economical too, but otherwise it runs the risk of such unpredictable issues. I had one other with Netgear Genie software in 2015, which was eventually patched.

    This PC is nearing 4 yrs old anyway - so time for an upgrade and switch back to intel I think.

  • @burnout426 - thanks, I just did a full factory reset and built Win 10 from the ground up without success. But I will explore this and post back if it fixes it.

  • BTW the error message is: Failed to load resource: net::ERR_TIMED_OUT

    Searching the opera forum reveals one other post from 2016 on Ubuntu, so it does seem rare

  • I haven't seen any issues on my A10-based HP laptop (which I'm using right now). What firewall (aka internet security software) do you use?

  • @sgunhouse standard Windows Defender security and firewall. Any suggestions?

  • @r4t said in Frequent timeouts with AMD A10 PC?:

    @burnout426 - thanks, I just did a full factory reset and built Win 10 from the ground up without success. But I will explore this and post back if it fixes it.

    You could be running into which happens with fresh installs/updates of Windows 10.

  • @burnout426
    Thank you - looking at the Chrome fix it looks like this could be the solution.!msg%2Fchrome%2Fs5S1uPI0kMc%2FXVDVfgT2GAAJ&msgid=XVDVfgT2GAAJ

    I will give it a go