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What is your Weather? :)

  • Somebody stole your atmospheric pressure.
    Are you sure there is air there?

  • 😉 The weather service page was a little "under the weather" yesterday. It looks better today:

  • Just realised, I used the wrong page yesterday. It was:
    "Preview of NWS' New Version of Forecast
    This preview is not operational and should not be used for support decisions."
    It was good as far as it went, though.
    32°C right now.

  • 91F Partly Sunny and therefore, it's the first 90F day of the year. At least it didn't reached 100F like last year and this month wasn't unusually warmer than average.

  • The winter has come. Or not.

  • @leocg Happy New Year?

  • It's started boiling.
    First degree of Hell - somebody putting a kettle on.0_1529998668332_Photo238_0624.jpg

  • You too?
    It is boiling here again at 32°

  • just hit 35°C/95°F
    Record is 40°C/104°F 1931
    Stay cool😎

  • Frequent showers have been trying to decrease the heat recently, with some success. I had a walk in rain at night three days ago, to feel the nature. Got chilly soon:)

  • Hot, however not scorching. 27C indoors, more in my bathroom:)
    Recent showers seem to have just poured water on the stove. Yesterday I walked in the rain... Well, I had an umbrella and even used it, but not all the time...
    So, the rain seemed intense enough, but it didn't last long, and no normal, usual puddles left in an hour. Thunders roared but not quite near.
    I bet Vietnam could import some torrentials or how are things down there? British rain would be more costly for the budget, as European produce tends to be. Boris Johnson won't cut Russia a discount, will he?

  • @joshl Nah, he just quit.

    Endless rain here today. Kinda nice for a change. ☂ 🌧

  • @s390g2 You are being?

    Rhinelander picture

    Equator West Africa? 🙂

  • @joshl Oh God...! Now it is very hot hear in Chennai, India. It is nearly 37°C here right now.

  • (Just disable the link^, guys.)

    Well, India was famous by it being an ancient source of wise guys and some culture, even the proto-language for the whole Europe.
    Now it's being ground down by Asia for its sins, you better get out.

  • Been promised an ease by recent forecasts, but now checked - the CNN Weather Service says we're having no such luck. Bloody Americans!👿

  • 32°C here again and warmer to the north. Some summers it never gets that warm, but this year it is frequent.
    Lots of smoke high in the sky from British Columbia, Canada fires reaching all the way to east coast US0_1534115352968_20180812_smokefromcacrop_20182242217_GOES16-ABI-CONUS-GEOCOLOR-2500x1500.jpg .

  • The new ice age or a global warming? We can't have both, can we?
    Carbon dioxide is now in every Earth documentary, like Surgeon General on cigarettes. Early this morning I watched episode 5 of Catastrophe, and the guy forgot to mention the AGW - while he did not forget to mention that we are about to enter a new freeze!
    Is the AGW still a conspiracy by bureaucrats and bad scientists or is it a reality?
    Can't they have a comprehensive proof to us wise guys at last? Or is science destined to become a new stupid religion - you believe, you do not?

  • @joshl said in What is your Weather? 🙂:

    Is the AGW still a conspiracy by bureaucrats and bad scientists or is it a reality?
    Can't they have a comprehensive proof to us wise guys at last? Or is science destined to become a new stupid religion - you believe, you do not?

    It remains a theory - an attempt by certain people to describe reality. Because it is essentially based on computer models, a great deal of assumptions and interpretation get folded in by both the nature of the models themselves (what mathematical emphases are placed on which atmospheric/chemical processes and how they are theorized to interact over time) and in the quality of the data being fed into the models (which is constantly being tweaked - to compensate for certain things according to theory supporters and to intentionally create biased results according to critics).

    A major problem relates to the backward look scientists take into historical climate records (either man-created or conclusions drawn from various geologic/geophysical traces) and what interpretation they make of what they see - and there's major disagreement over many of the claims made about what the "climate records" indicate. As a result, it is difficult (if not impossible) to accurately run the models against what occurred in the past to "proof" the models themselves in order to make accurate future projections.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that our human understanding of the full role the sun plays on earth climate is limited since many solar processes are poorly understood (remaining unproven theories)... it is known that there is cyclicity in solar output (eg: sunspot cycles, for one), but the mechanisms and the full earth climatic consequences are not well understood yet. Part of the problem is that detailed research into all these things has only really gone on for the last 60-70 years and what we normally consider typical "precision" and "scope" of 'science' in such fields has only existed over the last 50 years - very short time spans in terms of something so long-term as 'climate'.

  • Watching documentaries lately, they can see levels of oxygen and whether a meteorite had stricken or not.:)

    About the sun, I believe it's learnable. As a star, astrophysicists can see and compare with lots of observed objects in different stages...
    Back to climate, last thing I heard was that the recent glaciation periods are related to variations in Earth's orbit around the Sun. There were other theories, however...

    Moreover, there are or may be other, extra-Solar-System factors. Like the System passing through an interstellar cloud of gas or something. Yes, there are some, and it may affect both the Sun and the space between.

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