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Opera 60 - Most Extensions vanished

  • I have just updated Opera to the latest version and now: WHOA!

    • the extensions in the address bar are all gone
    • the extensions bar just shows the first few extensions, all others are gone

    What is going on here? I have made up a pretty collection of extensions I use on daily basis and now...

    Can somebody please explain or help?

    • opera://extensions/
    • An extension -> Details
    • "Hide from toolbar" option -> disable
  • Thank you Opera! Thank you very much!

    I have just downgraded to Opera 58

    Now I have two options:

    • keep the old Opera and don't mind their new features
    • reduce the amount of Extensions to only 18 !!! (that's the amount of visible Extensions on a resolution of 1920x1080 right now)
    • wait for a fix to come (which, as we all know may take months...)

    Thank you Chromium for ******* up my favorite browser!

  • Goodnight:
    The same thing happened to me and, after a while of anger, I went back to version 58 because I do not have access to my extensions. I'll hold for a few days waiting for it to be fixed soon. If this does not happen, I would leave Opera again (as I did many years ago and it took many to return to it). It would be a great pity but the truth is that I am already updating other browsers. Just in case.
    Goodnight everyone.

  • @anonan Thanks anonan but what you say, it does not work.

  • @pedrolmo Good night and goodbye. You don't really think that showing up here saying that you will stop using Opera if they don't do what you want will make them change anything, right?

  • @leocg What can I do to get noticed by the Opera Developer team in order to fix this behavior?

    It already happened to an older version of Opera and they fixed it after a couple of releases...

  • Best thing to do would be to fill a bug report.
    Other option is to comment on the Opera 60 release post in the blog.

  • @celadyn and @pedrolmo
    why not use a simple opera addon that allows you to see, access and manage your extensions?

    I use it and can only recommend it.

  • @leocg Good Morning:
    It is obvious that reading your reply will not change anything in the browser. It is your project and you are within your rights to do it and carry it out as you consider it best. Like, I think, I have the right to express my opinion about such a drastic change in Opera after a long time using it. I have been, surely, too impulsive, but at no time ill-mannered or impolite. I admit that the tone of your response, Mr. Moderator, I did not like anything but, I must admit that maybe it's like mine: "too impulsive."
    Do not worry because it was the first time I participate in the forum and it will not happen again.
    I ask you to accept my most honest apologies, both you and all those who are part of the forum and the Opera project. I have never tried to attack anyone and, if it has seemed so, I deeply regret it.
    Good morning to everybody.

  • @celadyn this happened to me once in a previous version, though I can't remember what I did to fix it now. I may have just reinstalled. I wasn't using too many at the time.

  • It seems to be partially fixed in the latest Opera Developer (Version 61.0.3282.0 developer 64-bit)
    I installed a bunch of Extensions (33 to be precise and they are all visible)
    The only thing that needs to be done yet: a small button to expand/hide notifications as you can see on the screenshot below and everything will be fine.


    Now I have to wait for the Opera Stable to be updated and the expand button to be added.
    🙏 🙏 🙏

  • @celadyn expand button being added. Good. It's one of the features I miss from Firefox.

  • The expand button is back in Opera 60.0.3255.70 / Stable / Windows 7 64-bit
    Thank you Opera 😍 👍