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8 sec to open Downloads page | Opera 60

  • It shows only 991 the first (old) downloads, the new (the last) downloads are not listed.

  • The order of the downloads is a bit broken.
    From the last item: data-id: 1-25, 65, 207-370, 544, 549, 588, 349-401, 26-48, 402-956...

  • The problem is still actual, even after clearing of download entries. Now I have 5k downloads, but displays only 996 downloads, and the order of download entries is broken, and the loadling of the page takes a few seconds.

    Another "nice" thing of Opera 60.

  • It's a bug anyway. And there was no such bug in Opera 58.

  • Okay, let's imagine a person who doesn't know about this bug (It's 99+ % of users) and he rarely clears downloads. And he needed to look up information about a recent download (for example: download link). He can't do it because of the bug. Recent downloads may not appear (or appear in incorrect order) in the list on the Downloads page.

    I assume the bug starts to appear when you have more than 1000 downloads.

  • @anonan Here the downloads list seems to be ordered by time with most recent at the top.

    Anyway, it should be discussed in another topic since this one is about the list of downloads taking some time to show up.

  • Slow loading, a broken order and displaying only of part of entries are parts of the one bug.

  • @anonan Maybe or maybe not. So it's better to handle them as different issues.

  • Here's hoping the developers will be able to go back to the previous layout from v.58.* and basic working functionality of the download tab (the history tab suffers from the layout change too) or at least to the drawing board, if they think layout/functionality changes were so desperately needed (which I don't frankly, but I'm no UI professional expert🤖 ).
    To me it feels like changing things simply for the sake of changing things, even though they worked flawlessly. Which in most cases is not a good idea, because it usually does more harm than good.

  • @leocg said in 8 sec to open Downloads page | Opera 60:

    So it's better to handle them as different issues.

    Ok. This topic is about slow opening of Downloads page.
    That topic is about an incorrect order of the downloads entries on Downloads page.

    Also I can note one more "improvement" of Opera 60 update about downloads. The file size note was removed from downloads.
    The screenshot of a download entry from Opera 58 Downloads page:
    alt text
    It has had information about file size.

    alt text
    The note "File not found" is removed too.

    So the older version (on Opera 58) was no buggy, and it was more functional. And it looked a bit better, imho, now it takes too much space.

  • Thanks for the screenshots, they say more than a gazillion words.
    Now I'm not in possession of the sharpest mind or the most vivid imagination, but I really can't comprehend who would have thought providing users with less information on 3 times larger screen space would mean an actual improvement of previous functionality.