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Opera for Android 51 - built-in VPN

  • @miyukiwork cannot find the VPN seeing..31557990585_.pic_hd.jpg

  • @uihoh0

    Can you open a new private tab to see if the VPN settings are there?

  • @miyukiwork I did do that.But it doesn't help.
    PS: My Opera version is <51.3.2461.138727>

  • @uihoh0 Your VPN setting should be right under Data settings, but it's not there in your version. Hmmm.... I wonder if maybe uninstalling your current Opera, rebooting your Android device, then re-installing the latest version of Opera might help? The version you have of Opera is definitely missing the VPN setting.

  • @stevecripe57 Thx for ur suggestion. I tried, however, the vpn-settings-button still didn't show up. I installed the Opera through Play Store. And the reviews show that I'm not the only one who meet this bug(OR the button would hide under some situations?).

  • @uihoh0 That's frustrating because you have the correct version of Opera, or at least the same version as I'm using in my Android device. I would say to notify Opera and let them know everything you've done and the version you are using. I am out of ideas, I'm afraid at this point. Good luck... I hope you get it working at some point.

  • @stevecripe57 Thx.

  • Where in the world are you? If the VPN is the same of the one in Opera for desktops, then it may not be available in some places.

  • @leocg Who are you talking to and what are you asking? If you're addressing me, it's none of your business where I am. If you don't like the help I am trying to give people with regards to the Opera for Android and the VPN setting, feel free to jump in and help out. I am just giving advice based on my experience with the product. No worries...if you think there is a problem with what I am saying, just let me know and I will gladly bail out. Bye.

  • To the one not seeing the VPN option in Opera for Android settings. But it seems that I mistakely addressed the reply to you.

    And, unfortunetely, it seems that you are not good at text comprehension.

  • @leocg You said it mistakenly directed your comment at me, so it is no wonder I was confused as to what you were talking about. Don't insult me about my comprehension when you're the one who sent me a message that was not even meant for me. Of course it confused me! Lighten up Dude. We are all here just trying to help each other. Better yet, I don't need to be treated like crap by a moderator. To me, you represent Opera. And if this is the way Opera wants to treat its customers, I will uninstall Opera on my Android and my PC, and use another browser. Browsers are a dime a dozen...there are many to choose from out there. So go treat others on this board like crap. I don't work for you. Adios.

  • For your information, moderators are just regular users, they don't work for Opera nor thet represent the company.

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