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Webpage appears then disappears

  • Using 58.0.3135.107. A particular website appears and then disappears after 2 or 3 seconds. This has started today. It is not happening with Firefox or Chrome. Any suggestions? I have no new extensions added or enabled that weren't in place before this.

  • The site loads fine for me. ┬┐Does a new page load or the url change at all, or it just silently goes blank?
    Have you tried opening it in a private window? If it still does, you can try checking the Developer Tools and check both the Console for errors and the Network tab to see if some other page is being loaded.

  • No error message? If it "just disappears" usually that's something related to CSS (cascading style sheets, web files that tell it how to display menus and such); if there is an error message you should tell us what it says.

  • I was going to reply that the pages load and then disappear without any change in url and that there is no error message, which was all true when I first posted. But I thought I would try again, just to verify there was no change in url, and now it all works, the pages do not disappear. So no problem but no reason found either. Thanks for your suggestions and attention.

  • No, I was wrong - they just lasted a bit longer and now they are gone again.

  • I think it is the ad block built in to Opera - when I turn it off for then things remain, with it on the page goes blank today. So maybe Opera would look into this and see if the ad block is a wee bit too powerful here.

  • Yes, I'm also having problems with the built-in ad-block on

    On the default page, and links directly off of it, it appears to block all the useful content on the site--the articles.

    When I go to an article directly from a link from another site, like, the page never loads. The built-in ad block just keeps counting up (into the thousands), and the page can never load. This just started a couple days ago.

  • How does Ublock Origin behaves on that site?

  • I gather they aren't worried about Americans with ad-blockers, as the article loads fine here. If the blocked content count keeps rising then they have some sort of script which is loading the ads and checking to see if they loaded - then tries again if it failed.

  • Using stable opera I still have the problem if the builtin adblock is enabled, but not if the adblock is off - the sites stay visible for several seconds longer today, but disappear. Using opera beta 60.0.3255.8 there is no problem at all.