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  • Hello ,

    All mails from M2 gone after Window Blue screen.

    But the mail folder remains appears 9.5GB I believe all my mails still there . I rename omailbase.dat to oldomailbase.dat still doesn't help.

    Any other solution can offer me please ?

    Thank you very much.

  • @emc Is it still fetching mails properly?

  • @sgunhouse said in M2 crash:

    @emc Is it still fetching mails properly?

    Thank you.

    It fetch properly & you can see it like newly install.............
    Labels are there but none of them contains any mail it used to have....


    Thank you very much.

  • Any chance I can make mails re-appear again in M2 ? .............................. ( as mail folder still 9 GB as I can see )

    Thank you very much.

  • If/when @burnout426 happens to come across this thread, he may be able to help since he seems to be something of an M2 troubleshooting expert.

  • You can put the old omailbase.dat back and then check the database. You might get lucky.

    If that doesn't work, you could try a very-recent backup of omailbase.dat (and possibly the indexer files, and UID files in the POP/IMAP folders). But, any messages that came in after that won't show.

    The only real way to fix it is export your feeds list and contacts, close down Opera, rename the mail folder, delete wand.dat, opcert6.dat and contacts.adr. Then, start Opera and add (do not import) your mail accounts and newsgroup accounts back. Then, import your feeds lists and contacts. Then, recreate your labels (and add their rules and set their properties). Then, using "Menu -> settings -> import and export -> import mail -> import generic mbox -> add folder", for each POP account, import each account's messages, import the account's store/accountN folder in the mail folder (where N is the number for the account as seen in accounts.ini). Then, you'll have to manually move messages back into their labels (at least for messages that don't grab messages by rules). Then, you'll need to delete any duplicates (delete imported copies and not the ones newly-fetched from the POP server).

    So, in short, you'll probably need to do it the hard way. You know the routine.

    As for labels, you can copy the indexes from the old index.ini, renumber the indexes to follow along with the index numbers in the new index.ini and then change the index count at the top. You know the routine for this one too as you've had to do it quite a few times. As for learned rules in the "autofilter" folder in the mail folder (that are fore your lables and spam filter), you probably won't be able to reuse them from the start. However, once new ini files are created for any labels that have "learned from labeled messages" set, you could then close down Opera and add the rules from the old autofilter ini files to the new ones. They'd have different numbers in the filenames though.

    With that said, some users sometimes get away with renaming the "mail" folder and using the "import from Opera" mail import wizard by pointing it to the old accounts.ini file. But, I personally don't trust it to not duplicate corruption in the old corrupted omailbase.dat. You can try it though if you want.

    In short, nothing new you haven't tried in the past.

  • @burnout426 Thank you so much & you brought me all good memories in our old days in M2 , really joyful indeed using M2 way back 10 years ago .....

    Thank you very much !!!

  • Hi , I made it by the HARD WAY and now I would like to know how I'm able to re-order the account position the way I want ?

    i.e. the account 1 & 2 showing from below pics to move to the very bottom.

    It's because I already have many custom right click command in index.ini controlling account dropdown next item , previous item but after the HARD WAY re-build account.ini they are now not in the same position as it was.

    Thank you very much.


  • You mean, besides doing it all again and being careful to recreate the accounts in the right order? I could reorder the sidebar, but the dropdown is a different matter.

  • @sgunhouse said but the dropdown is a different matter.

    The dropdown yes , the account 1 & 2 used to be located at very bottom ., the last 2 items they were at.

    After I re-build mail account all of them went in different position..

    Can I manipulate account.ini the way to be in-order at my wish position ?

    Side bar is not for me any important though as what I need is to re-order the position the mail account "dropdown" ( as to cope to my menu.ini , hundreds of context menu command in there base on different mail accounts )

    Thank you very much.

  • this

  • @sgunhouse said in but the dropdown is a different matter.

    Helo , Is there anything I could do in order to achieve ............. ?

    Sorry to ask again as now all mails send from in-correct mail account due to to they are not in the same position where my original menu.ini designed ( right click context menu command )

    Thank you very much.

  • As I said first, the obvious answer is to do the same thing you just finished doing, but make sure you recreate the accounts in the right order.

  • @sgunhouse said in M2 crash:

    As I said first, the obvious answer is to do the same thing you just finished doing, but make sure you recreate the accounts in the right order.

    Oh well............. nightmare .......... but thanks !!!

    Is there also solution in my OLD MAIL FOLDER import back FEEDS mail in the past in this re-build M2 ?

    as far as I remember this can never possible in M2 in terms of FEEDS ........

    Thank you very much.

  • @emc said in M2 crash:

    Is there also solution in my OLD MAIL FOLDER import back FEEDS mail

    You are correct. It's not possible to import feed messages into the feeds account.

  • @burnout426 Hi burnout,

    Merry Christmas !!!

    Monday ( laptop )
    I fixed the M2 crash , import mail folder all okay. Picking up mails until now.

    Friday today ( desktop )
    The mail stage is stay Monday before the crash.
    Is there way to import mails from ( laptop ) receive Tue, - Thur. ?

    Hope it will not require to use the whole mal folder ( 10+GB ) but to look up from mail folder a specific sub-folder with mails I need ( this Tue, - Thur. )

    Thank you very much.


  • @emc use the generic mbox import option to import the folders you want from the mail/store/accountN/2020/12 folder you want. You'd import the folders with the numbers that represent the days you want to import.

  • It is impoortant when importing old mails from an existing account to set up the account first and then import the mail into it. I made the mistake once of importing the mail first once and could never set it up to read new mail afterwards - I had to delete that account and start again.

  • @sgunhouse Merry Christmas !! Your comment just like Santa Clause laugh .......Ho~Ho~Ho~

    how dare you import without an account set up ..... lol

    but so glad our most beautiful Opera is so flexible from any errors that we could destroy all folders and make it again from scratch ., Opera M2 never broken !!!

    ( unfortunately , Vivaldi mail will not be the same as far as I know from the forum but just an implement email client in the browser ...... )

    Thank you very much !!

  • @emc Would it be workable when M2 crashes without anymore mail showing from mail panel.

    But , if I have an older dates omailbase.dat ., close down Opera , put this omailbase.dat back to mail folder.

    Restart Opera would it gives me back all the mails in mail panel base on omailbase.dat I saved in the older dates ?

    Thank you very much.