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OK To Disable Opera Auto Update In Task Scheduler ?

  • The Opera Auto update mechanism has a mind of its own appearing in task manager when it feels like it, but doing nothing. It manages to do about 3 updates on its own in a year ! So as Opera doesn't offer a button to disable the Auto Update feature and it can be argued why not. Can i just disable it in task scheduler and continue to update manually either through the about opera page or downloading complete package files which is what I normally do ?

  • You can, just remember that not only the browser itself uses it to update.

  • You can of course, but most likely it re-enables itself after any (manual or automatic) update.

  • So if I disable the auto update, this would stop updates for the adblocker etc, is this right ? The thing about manually checking for updates is that there is normally an error message showing starting with "an error occurred checking for updates" If I persist in my attempts to update by this method it will eventually update.(It works first time 1 in 10 times) Why after all this time is it so difficult for Opera servers to recognise a computers request for an update. This problem happens on all my Windows 7 machines and with Opera rumoured to be developing a new type of browser they should get their current browser working ok before developing new stuff.

  • Yes, blocking the autoupdate may prevent Opera from updating adblocker lists, among other things.

    Did you try running the installer to update Opera? It usually fixes issues with autoupdate.

  • You say "Did you try running the installer to update Opera?". Am I missing something here. Is this the installer on Operas website that downloads files individually , in which case I wouldn't do that because they couldn't be run through Virustotal at the same time. Also I presume by using this method Opera might not instal to the same directory as the original etc and then I would have two Operas etc, hassle. Am I correct in how I have interpreted your comments ? Incidentally I did an update via check for updates today. I got lucky it worked at first attempt, my one success out of ten today. only another nine attempts to go before I succeed again.

  • You can use the offline installer if the online one doesn't work with your antivirus, although I think this one should be changed in this case.

    And unless you manually change something, it will just update your Opera, so the installation will remain in the same place.

  • If the online installer doesn't work with Virustotal then it's probably the cause of your issues with auto-update.

  • OS Win7 Pro 32-bit, Opr dev 60.0.3248.0 (no problem with download in this update - thanks).

    Auto-update I would agree is a pain on all update streams. For example, when trying to delete the previous update version folder, it wont allow complete deletion (on all streams).

    Reason: auto-update prevents completion of delete action.

    1. Right click Taskbar and "Start Task Manager";
    2. Click auto-update then click "End Process".
    3. Click "Try Again" and deletion is completed.

    I realise this suggestion is in the wrong place, but it's relevant to the subject here.
    In "Settings", I would like to see an ON/OFF switch for auto-update so users can decide for themselves.