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If this is all the help there is, I'm out

  • I loved my Opera back in the day and now I come back and it's even better, but the support is crap, and my issue has made it unusable. Except maybe on Twitter, this forum is the only place to get interactive assistance. That's great as long as someone actually helps you.
    I made a post yesterday about a guide on the site telling me to go to Tools, but I can't find Tools and maybe that guide is out of date. One person responded - a moderator - and all they said was "Yes, it is." Well great. That's loads of help, buddy lol

    I'll see you in the next cartoon. Maybe on the next major release.

  • If you had said what you were looking for (besides the Tools menu), Leo might have been able to say more. Are you actually going to tell us, or you just going to sulk that we can't read minds yet?

  • @sgunhouse Smooth operator.
    I was looking for something that used to be in the Tools menu. That's not difficult to deduce.
    I've been on both sides of the customer support relationship, and that's nowhere near professional - neither his reply nor yours in this thread. I admit in hindsight I should have linked to the page and pointed toward the subsection, but I'm the customer in this dynamic. I'm allowed to make mistakes.

    Having said all that, unless you're actually getting paid specifically to provide support for Opera users, I'm not holding you responsible. That's down to how Opera has decided to model its company.

    Thanks for your time

  • You made a question, it was answered. If you wanted to ask something else, you could and should have done in that other topic of yours

  • @livingpharaoh But exactly "what" are you looking for? We're all waiting with baited breath. 😉

  • Moderators don't work for Opera and don't get anything to help running this forum, they do it in their free time and for free.

    And this forum exists so that users can have some support, since Opera doesn't provide it individually.

  • @leocg And we appreciate the help you offer us, Leo, as well as Steve, burnout and blackbird. Thank you.

  • Yup. I've hit a nerve.
    I don't know why you guys are taking this personally if you're not actually Opera employees. This category is called "Forum Feedback", not "Forum Moderators Feedback." So now that that was established in my last reply, what's the issue? What's with the venomous, sarcastic, childish nonsense?

  • No one is taking it personally, we are just replying to your posts, what is something that people do in forums.

  • @livingpharaoh Have you considered anger management courses? You might want to do that. You use a lot of sarcasm and then you turn it back on us. Sir, you appear to have an emotional problem. Let's see: "the support is crap", "one person helped...that's loads of help - lol", "I'll see you in the next cartoon", "I was looking for the... that's not difficult to deduce", "that's nowhere near professional, neither his reply nor yours", "yup, I've hit a nerve", "what's with the venomous, sarcastic, childish nonsense". All I can see is "venomous, sarcastic, childish nonsense from YOU, livingpharoah. People here have tried to understand your issue but your petulant, whiny attitude has not helped at all. You're always free to go elsewhere if that floats your boat.

  • I'm sure this is SEO.

    Typical approach is that newly registered members post analyses, conclusions or accusations in their only contributions, (which they often formulate provocatively in order to attract as much attention as possible), which logically cannot be deduced from the course of the discussion, but which make sense when viewed in connection with the member name and/or the thread title.

    living[|]pharaoh + cartoon [+ next major release] leaves little room for interpretation to the contrary.

    Absolutely nothing about the answer livingpharaoh had received is reminiscent of a cartoon, let alone that anyone would come up with the idea of wanting to incorporate this completely harmless answer (or the respondent) into a cartoon.

    Further questionable adjectives and keywords used by livingpharaoh, which can in no way be derived from the discussion process in this thread, have already been pointed out by @coffeelover in his post above mine.

  • @yanta Thanks, yanta. I completely agree with your assessment. However, I think I may have been a little harsh towards him. I suppose his attitude rubbed me the wrong way and I need to be a little more tolerant. The internet can be a harsh place at times and I know most of us in person would not behave like we do online. Hopefully if he is serious he will return and give us the full details of what his exact issue is so that he can be helped. But he does need to show some respect as well.

  • @coffeelover

    The internet can be a harsh place at times

    I know in fact forums where is more than just a rough tone and where ultimately everyone rushes against everyone, even longtime members and moderators participate in them.

    What I noticed pleasantly from day one on the Opera forums is the friendly tone, the helpfulness and also the competence with which problems are tried to be solved. And what I personally particularly appreciate is the complete renunciation of know-it-all.

  • There's clearly a communications problem going on here.

    The first post made by @livingpharaoh was actually in a different Opera sub-forum (Opera for Computers): . In that post, he specifically stated he'd just installed Opera 58, was looking for "Themes" options, and got entangled while searching in Opera's website by a referral to "Tools" for the Themes option. He then asked if that website description was out of date. @Leo responded "yes, it is". Unfortunately, that accurate moderator reply didn't address the OPs' underlying concern of where might Themes be found in Opera 58 (actually, such as it exists, under Settings > Wallpapers and/or Appearance). However, the reply did answer the OP's specific question.

    The OP then posted here in the "Forums" sub-forum with a sarcastic-toned complaint towards Opera's support, regarding what he deemed the insufficiency of the reply to his original post in the Opera-for-computers forum. Subsequently (and unfortunately), it seems everyone thereafter has been essentially talking past each other here.

    Several observations occur to me:

    1. The Opera websites indeed can too easily lead a user (especially one new to chromium-based Opera) down some confusing rabbit holes related to Olde Opera terminology and documentation which don't apply to New Opera. This is not the first instance of this in user posts I've seen.
    2. Sometimes the most relevant, underlying nature of a problem post gets missed by a reply. I too am guilty of this at times, occasionally because of misleading language/wording/interpretation and other times by a particular mindset I may bring to my first reading of the problem post.
    3. Sometimes, after a single problem post that doesn't get a (to them) 'suitable' reply, posters lose patience (and their tempers) and generate a 'snarky' post. What results thereafter is often a flame war that pulls in other attackers/defenders and alienates all involved.

    I believe what's needed is patience on the part of each of us, original posters and responders alike, along with a willingness to calmly ask for and respond with more information and/or clarity when requested.

  • Ah... and now for the "rest of the story" to quote a famous radio personality of the past. Thanks, BB. I completely agree with your words of wisdom. 🙂

  • @coffeelover Setting aside all the "snarki-ness" and BB71's excellent decompiling of this thread...the fact remains that often NAVIGATION w/in Opera can be challenging. Anchoring the sidebar and exploring links in separate tabs is a basic good practice not mentioned often enough.
    Opera works just fine, users not taking a few moments to review (customize) default settings - in ANY browser are apt to "lose" things.