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Option to "Sync Extensions" in Advanced Sync Settings

  • Re: Backup Addons

    Dear Opera Browser Developer

    Please add an option to "sync extensions" in Advanced sync settings.
    It would save a lot of time for a lot of people.
    Today, without the extension sync option, every time someone buys a new device, they need to MANUALLY ADD ALL EXTENSIONS.
    Also, whenever someone wants to add a new extension, they need to DO SO ON EVERY DEVICE they use opera.
    Imagine, if there was such an option for syncing extensions, ALL THAT REPETITIVE, WASTED TIME, could be USED MORE PRODUCTIVELY.


  • @emuna

    I believe this has been suggested before.

    Opera is a wonderful browser. I just started using it, after a few years of Chrome and many many years of Firefox use.
    I feel Opera is better than both of them.

    One thing though: when installing Chrome (e.g. within VM), then it adds the add-ons automatically.
    Very handy and something I hope/wish developers will add to Opera.
    Positively meant suggestion.

  • yes. I need this feature too!!!
    Sync extensions (add-on) is now the only reason I use Chrome.

  • Because Opera doesn't support it.

    Came to go on Firefox

  • This just blows my mind for years. Everybody I know or read about while using Opera misses this feature yet is not even planned nor implemented! It is really annoying to set up all the extensions again. Does it sound productive to keep a spreadsheet of your extensions and every time having to install it manually? No. Just no. Please, consider this!

  • Opera, what are you waiting for? Posts as old as 2017 are asking for it.

  • Hey opera, I was using chrome for years now installed opera and liked it so much but I have searched for Sync Extensions but couldn't find it. Opera don't sleep. Com on! Bring this vital feature. Waiting my dear, kisses!

  • +1 for this. It would help a lot someone like me who uses multiple machines.

  • This has been asked many years ago, even since Opera Presto, around 2010 and for Opera Blink since the beginning.

    No communication related from Opera.


    You should Sync your current Profile or Keep a Template Profile on DropBox or similar for new installations.

    "Off Topic Tip"
    Follow the Signature's Backup | Reset link.
    Take the opportunity to start a Backup plan and even create a Template Profile.

    SyncBack | Synkron helps.

    Windows 7 (x64)
    Opera Test profile | Back up | Reset

  • yes i install 20 extension other day. now today i have no extension. opera said sync. where is the sync? bookmark? thats easy for me. not extension.

  • chrome has it and opera is based on chromium

  • This could save a ton of time for a lot of people. I personally use many extensions (from both chrome web store and opera extensions store).
    I think the developers may be hesitate to include extensions from third party extension stores.
    But please [Shouting removed] of the extensions installed on the opera browser account. That will help opera users more comfy.

  • This is a must-have feature in a modern world. Devs, please hear us.

  • it's been 3 years i monitor opera dev and it seems not interested to implement sync to extension, as sys-admin this is dealbreaker so i decided to use vivaldi instead !

    Vivaldi has better sidebar, feature, and most importantly it can sync extensions ! shame on you opera ! time to uninstall.

  • Need to

  • +1! Can't believe it's still not implemented.

  • I can't believe we don't have this 😢 man... just... sigh...

  • Definitely needed... 😞

  • Hey, Team Opera, you guys are awesome, but seriously? No sync for extensions?

  • Uninstalled Opera for the clear lack of support for its users. GG EZ, no regrets.