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Two newbie questions: open tab next to speed dial and ..

  • I just installed Opera on my Android tablet. It looks very nice.

    Vainly tried to figure it out the below myself first.

    1. How to open sites as in separate tab, i.e. next to the 'Speed Dial' tab, leaving the Speed Dial tab in place?
      Example: if I click on -say- Google Search from the Speed Dial, the Speed Dial tab is replaced by Google Search.

    2. On closing Opera: how to have all tabs (except Speed Dial) closed by default. Right now, it acts similar to Chrome, i.e. after closing and relaunching all existing tabs are being re-loaded again.

  • Item 2 is just how it works, unless you actually tell Opera to exit. On the "hamburger menu" there is a little icon that looks like the logo on a power button; if you click that a message will appear saying "All tabs will be closed" and then asking if you'd also like your history to be cleared,

    Not sure why item 1 matters, as you can open a new speed dial tab at any time.

  • Many thanks for your reply.

    For item 1: you are right (of course). Inexperience on my part as I just started out with Opera.

    For item 2: wonderful! Am really happy it is there.

    Thanks again!

  • Sorry, please allow me to get back on this.
    Maybe I should post this into 'Opera for Windows'-section, but it refers to a menu item of Opera for Android. So I am not sure.

    I am now also trying out Opera for Windows.

    Where can I find the same thing as the 'Opera Exit' (closing all tabs) like the one in the 'Hamburger Menu' in Android?

    Thanks again.

  • There isn't.

  • @sgunhouse Item 1 does matter. And it's one of my main concerns about using this browser as default. As someone who comes from chrome and firefox, long pressing on the news article to open it in a background tab while still being in the start page is a highly convenient and time saving feature to keep continuing on looking for more news.

    If I am on the rightmost news tab or scrolled far down on the speed dial page; opening an article in the same tab, and then opening another tab to just go back to the news section and scrolling all the way down again to get to where I left off is definitely not user friendly. Giving us the option to long press the article to open it in another tab is something that a simple update can solve, and I don't get why more people have not asked for this.

  • Ah ... I don't use news in speed dial since you can't customize it.

  • @sgunhouse you can customize the categories you want to see, and the news will be tailored depending on your browser activities. That alone puts it on a better position than edge, which only relies on msn, and firefox, where you can't control which news are displayed.

    As you may have noticed, I'm a news junkie. If opera mobile can make me open the speed dial articles in separate tabs to keep the continuity, the browser will be perfect.