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Tampermonkey Chrome extension blocked

  • I have an add-on to be able to install Chrome extensions in Opera, and a while back I installed the Tampermonkey extension from the Chrome web store.
    Suddenly today, that Tampermonkey extension was blocked (We've identified this extension as malicious and have blacklisted it. This means it can no longer cause any damage to your machine. You can leave it as is, or remove it.) and I can't activate it again or do anything (just remove it).

    I understand that I should use the Opera version of this add-on (I'll do that now), but I would like to see the scripts that I had installed on Tampermonkey before (so I can install them again in the Opera version) but since it's blocked, I can't see that info.

    Is there a way to "trust" that add-on, at least long enough so I can get the list of my Tampermonkey scripts back??


  • For whatever reason, today Opera suddenly started blacklisting (and thus blocking) the "Tampermonkey" extension I have installed, claiming that is was identified as being "malicious". Since both the Opera Addons Store and the Chrome Web Store still happily list and offer the extension, I suppose that this is due to an error (= false positive)?
    Unfortunately, I haven't found an obvious way to re-enable the extension and override the blacklist. How do I do this?

    Technical details:
    Platform: Windows 32bit
    Opera Version: 57.0.3098.110
    Steps to reproduce:
    Try to install Tampermonkey (Version 4.7.54) from the Chrome Web Store (

  • Same thing just happened. Rather annoying, as Tampermonkey is incredibly useful. Yet another reason to run portable versions of these browsers? (Which can't update without your approval.)

  • Opera may block extensions that weren't installed from its extension store.

  • @leocg "Is there a way to "trust" that add-on, at least long enough so I can get the list of my Tampermonkey scripts back??"

  • @leocg
    Downloaded from Chrome store but still blocked for me.

  • Maybe because it's not from its extension store?

  • @leocg
    Just downloaded a version from Opera Addons and seems to be working fine...Version 4.2.5291
    at least it hasn't been blocked as of yet.

  • This happened to me today too, a few minutes ago

  • In order for me to get the extension to work, I needed the opera extension which allows me to install Chrome extensions on my end. So I think that is why they are blacklisting it.

  • this is the second time one of my installed extensions has been blacklisted with no way to re-enable
    I use these extentions literally every day and time I browse the web.
    Is there any way to disable this stupid "auto blacklisting" feature, its caused nothing but headache for me.

  • @leocg This then defeats the point of using "Install Chrome Extensions" which is developed by Opera Software... The actual opera extensions especially for tampermonkey tend to be sorely outdated, Tampermonkey itself is two years+ behind on updates.

  • it shouldn't matter where it was installed from, i/we installed it and opera deleted/blocked it for no good reason. we cant have control over our own browsers??

  • Same happened to me, I was just casually surfing the web when I got a popup window informing me Opera has blocked malicious extension, or something like that. Happened maybe two hours ago.
    Tampermonkey and it's scripts (that now I can't retrieve, I see no obvious way to get them back and install another script manager temporarily) are pretty much essential for me so I'd like to get it back if possible.

    Opera version: 57.0.3098.110
    Windows version: Windows 10 1809 x64
    Tampermonkey version 4.7.54

  • Same thing. Who thought it's a good idea to not to give any way for a user to unblock extensions?
    I have some scripts i did for Tampermonkey and now i can't even get them to copy to unblocked version of the extension or other extensions like this.

  • Don't know. Can't you just re-enable the extension?

  • There needs to be a way to unblock and un-disable an extension. It's unacceptable for the browser to be able to permanently disable something from the user like this.

  • I think this is the last straw for me. I've put up with all the stupid decisions the Opera devs made over the past few years, but to now just blatantly disabling my addons without my permission or a way to revert the block is just plain stupid. I'm just glad I always had Firefox installed as a side browser with all the same addons and Tampermonkey scripts installed, that way I at least don't have to search for them again and it's a fast and painless switch. Bye.

  • If someone know the way, please share. I would appreciate it so much.

  • @leocg There is no facility for renenabling blocked extension. Opera won't let you.