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Which user agent switcher do you recommend?

  • G'day everyone

    After Opera "helpfully" deleted all my extensions, I'm looking for a user agent switcher again. I used to have one that was fairly simple but allowed me to specify a specific string for a specific web site. I've tried a few others that now come up in Google searches, but most of them assume the user wants to use the same string for all web sites, or select a user agent string whenever he visits any web site. Which user agent switcher do you recommend? Do you know of one that allows me to specify a specific string for specific web sites, but continue to use the default one for all other sites?


  • At first I would try the one updated more recently.

  • I've set Opera to automatically update to the latest version, but that doesn't solve my problem. Some web sites refuse to display a site properly or at all in Opera when Opera identifies itself as Opera.

    For the moment, it appears that this one would work:
    It's not entirely intuitive, and I almost uninstalled it before I realised how to use it: the extension's main functionality is on the second page of the settings, labelled "Permanent Spoof list", and you have to right-click (not left-click) the toolbar icon every time you want to add a site.

  • We are talking about extensions here, right? So when I said that you should try the last update one, I was referring to the extension, not Opera.

  • @leocg Yes, but if I can't remember the name of the extension, then I can't "try the last update one", now can I?

  • You are searching for one, right? So search for ' user agent' in the extension store.

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