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'opera autoupdate' folder keeps showing up in Downloads folder

  • @burnout426 Thanks a lot for the detailed post! Hope this helps.
    I didn't try everything (namely trying a new profile/installation) because the issue happens randomly and sporadically (went 5 days without it happening after reinstalling) and also it's not that major. If it happens again I'll try that step too.

    @burnout426 said in 'opera autoupdate' folder keeps showing up in Downloads folder:

    What OS? And, 64-bit or 32-bit?

    Windows 10 Home 64-bit

    What version of Opera? And, 64-bit or 32-bit? Did you update to the newest?

    57.0.3098.102, 64-bit (latest update)

    Where is Opera installed and where is its profile folder. Goto the URL opera://about to find out.

    Installed: AppData - Local - Programs - Opera
    Profile: AppData - Roaming - Opera Software - Opera Stable

    What type of an account are you running Opera under? Is it an admin or standard/limited user?


    What's the path your download folder is set to in Opera? See the URL opera://settings/downloads. Also, is "Ask where..." enabled or disabled?

    Default path (User folder - Downloads). "Ask where..." disabled.

    Are you using Opera Sync? If so, does it happen with Opera Sync is disabled? (I know this has been answered previously)

    I am using Sync but haven't tried disabling it (since it's been done)

    Does renaming the opera_autoupdater.exe file stop it from happening? (I think you said yes.)

    I'm not sure it does actually. I'll have to test it for a while but I think it happened again after renaming.

    Hit the Windows Key + r, type cmd and press ENTER. Type set. What are the paths for TEMP, TMP and LOCALAPPDATA? Look at the other paths and see if anything looks like a non-default setting.

    LOCALAPPDATA: AppData - Local
    TEMP and TMP: AppData - Local - Temp

    Everything else is normal

    If you goto the URL opera://update and click "check for updates", does that instantly trigger the creation of the "opera autoupdate" folder in your downloads folders?

    No it doesn't, seems very random.

    Running Opera with Sanboxie?


    Security software you're running?

    Used to be Bitdefender, now Avast.

  • @louay-madanat Okay. Sounds like you have a pretty-basic, default, current-user-only install.

  • C:\Users\USERNAME\opera autoupdate
    Thank you for dumping this all over my system disk...

  • @greemanik said in 'opera autoupdate' folder keeps showing up in Downloads folder:

    Found reappeared "opera autoupdate" folder again

    Check the windows Task Scheduler. Is there an Opera task that's set to run when the system boots?

    Do you have Opera set to automatically start up when the system boots in some way?

    Also, check the startup tab in the windows Task Manager. Any Opera startup entries?

  • @burnout426 thanks for replying. I found this in my Task Scheduler:


    No I don't have Opera set to autostart on boot.
    There are no Opera entries in Task manager.

  • Interesting. I don't have any scheduled tasks for my Opera. It's installed to "C:\Program Files\Opera" (the 64-bit version) (all users option in installer options) on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. If I were you, I'd just delete them all. Then, see if they come back.

    Another thing you can do is look at the properties of those tasks. Perhaps they're starting the auto updater in the wrong working directory, which might explain the issue. Or, they're starting with a system/admin user and the environment they're started in has a incorrect temp directory or something.

    You might also want to run services.msc to see if there's an Opera service running. There shouldn't be, so if there is, disable it.

  • @burnout426 every single one of these tasks launches this: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Programs\Opera\launcher.exe
    with an argument: --scheduledautoupdate $(Arg0)

  • Okay. I was mistaken btw. I do have them in the Task Scheduler. I'll look at mine to see if I see anything weird with the settings for them.

  • @burnout426 i tried to launch them one after another and folders do not reappear
    But when I launch them all at the same time simultaneously then i have "opera autoupdate" folders reappear.. Strange

    also i checked services.msc as you said and i didn't find any Opera services

    1. uninstalled opera
    2. deleted all Opera tasks in Task Scheduler 👈
    3. installed opera again
    4. Problem solved

    Now i have only one task and it works properly. After reboot folders do not reappear.
    Thanks @burnout426 for helping! 👍

  • Awesome. Next time Opera updates, see if it just adds more tasks and doesn't clean up the old ones.

    I have quite a few task myself, so I'll probably delete all mine and reinstall to do the same just for good measure. I'll have more than one at least though as I have Opera Developer and Opera Beta installed too.

  • So some info from developer.
    In regular situation there shouldn't be multiple entries of scheduled tasks. Each installer should keep it clean and have only one task created. When multiple scheduled tasks are present described situation can occur. Each tasks first attempts to lock temp folder for it's process. If it is not possible it will try to lock downloads, home and folder with launcher.exe where it will store temporary autoupdate files.

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