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how can I recover my last session?

  • Opera just shut down all the tabs then the home page opened. how can I recover my last session?

  • If you haven't closed the browser, they are in the recent tabs menu (either in the tab bar next to the window controls, or in the main menu under History).

  • its only the recently closed . I dont want to go trough History I just want my last session just like it works on google chrome. Just want to recover it. it crashed before but it would restore and it has to be a way otherwise why anyone would use a browser if they cannot have this feature like the other browsers do right?

  • By default Opera should open with the same session. If it didn't happen and you haven't change the setting, then maybe your sessions file got corrupted.

    If you didn't close the browser since the issue happened you can try renaming the file Last Session to Current session and this one to anything. Don't forget to do a backup before.

  • looks like something installed when it happened! and there was no warning prior to that.
    but theres no previous versions ... what now? why does Opera installs stuff without any warning and then deletes the current session ?

  • Opera doesn't close itself automatically when auto-updating and also doesn't close all your tabs when restarting, at least by default.

    It seems to me that Opera crashed and the sessions files got corrupted and, therefore, was replaced.

    What about using a backup?

  • but theres 3 instances that got changed in the opera file when it happened! and there is no previous session like it was supposed to be how do I backup on Opera? they didnt get replaced.... says theres no previous session thats all.
    I use sessionbuddy on chrome but chrome never deletes previous sessions. looks like session buddy works with opera too ... though it is meant for chrome. Opera works great with my operating system and had no issues with it up until now... I just cannot use a browser that doesnt save the sessions and now I have to go trough history and since I read a lot online and do a lot of research its just crazy to.

  • but theres 3 instances that got changed in the opera file when it happened!

    What do you mean?

    how do I backup on Opera?

    Like you backup anything in your computer, you copy the data to another place.

  • the installation status and some other instances modified that day. looks like pref_default_overrides modified too not sure what that is. No I didnt make a back up copy of the session. I used to for google chrome but then I installed sessionbuddy . I have been using opera for 8 months now because it uses less resources that chrome and it doesnt crash often like firefox but none of them have issues with restoring the session anymore because it is one of the most important aspects of a browser.
    I just didnt expect the session to be totally gone. Yes I know now that it was a bad idea not to be cautious with something like that.
    Why doesnt Opera come with a warning because it looks like other people have this issue as well?

  • Warning about what?

  • @leocg
    that the last session file might get corrupted and they should save the session or use some sessionbuddy or something similar because if you are a firefox user and want to switch to opera due to the firefox frequent crashes you might forget that youre going to have to deal with that old issue which firefox fixed and even has a restore previous session button... but then again it has its own set of issues.

  • And how Opera would suppose to know that the file is going to be corrupted?

  • @leocg
    looks like other people have that issue too?
    and theres those files who got changed in the opera folder when it crashed ... and after that it rebooted with the home page.

  • @erik1000 You are not alone!

    I have had this happen a couple of times as well, where ropening Opera did not load the previous session and I was unable to retrieve my session.

    I currently make ‘snapshots’ of all my tabs twice daily by right-clicking any tab and selecting “Save All Tabs as Speed Dial Folder”. This ensures that I have a backup of the tabs I am still meaning to read but have ‘aged’ in my History, making it a nightmare to recover (if I am still able to remember part of the page name or URL), while still allowing the tabs that are unrecoverable be in today’s History.

    This, together with the Close Tab shortcut functionality randomly closing the whole window ( makes Opera more and more a nightmare to use as main browser…

  • @rogbar
    oh happened again just now! only had a few tabs on. is Opera updating stuff in the background ?

  • What exactly happened?

  • @leocg
    it crashed. everything was gone and the browser powered up with the home page...nothing in the opera folder changed though. also nothing shows up at previous versions. Something is going on with the browser.

  • Did you check your hardware? The crash may be related to hardware issues, a bad driver, etc.

    Also, did you ever change anything at opera://flags? Some of those experiments may cause crashes.

    Try also to see if the crash happens always in the same situation.

  • @leocg
    I have a gamers laptop that is new with lots of ram memory and also didnt have anything else on. it worked before just fine with many tabs on. I read a lot and also need to do research for work. this time I only had a couple of tabs on. I didnt experiment with changing anything because Im not computer savy so I dont wanna mess with it . Im actually a girl and was looking at a website that sells decorative items. It is a basic website . It never crashed opera before. I know the websites that would slow it down. its not one of them.
    I used to have many tabs on and it would rarely crash but it would save the session . right now it shuts down and opens up the home page.

  • This happend again just now, restarted computer, opened Opera, all my previously opened tabs are gone, and I’m presented with an empty window.

    I am unable to recover my previous tabs via the History menu. This is so annoying.

    Can anyone guide me to recover a corrupted session on OS-X?