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ability to paste plain text but with links and styles intact

  • I like the ability to paste plain text, but I almost always have to go back and manually re-add the links and the simple styles (bold, italic, overstrike) as I almost always want to keep these, but not the weird fonts and other formatting. So it would be nice if there was the ability to paste plain text while keeping the links and simple styles.

    p.s. I won't create a new topic, but it's annoying that I just had to consent to your using my personal information and to your sending me unwanted emails, just to write this. Some thanks for users who chip in with ideas. On a lesser note, I don't see a good reason that the password has to be 12 characters and require upper- and lowercase, just for something rather casual like this. And my first login attempt after the password change also didn't work, for what it's worth. Thanks for your work on Opera, although I still sometimes miss the old rendering engine since Chrome is so dominant nowadays.

  • @sdan5 Also, that little ">" to send this is a little bit minimalistic -- I was only guessing that it would save and send the message.

    p.s. I just got a message that I can't even send this reply yet because less than 120 seconds had elapsed and I'm a new user. This process is starting to feel a little unfriendly. I was just trying to help you improve the product.

  • @sdan5 Then when I did send it, there was no confirmation that it was sent. But not to distract from the broader issue. (Course, I'm prevented from posting this reply also.)

  • By definition plain text is plain text, if you want links and styles then it is not plain text - call it "formatted text" or just "paste without ..." (whatever it is you don't want to include).

  • I can see how a "Past as simple HTML" option could be useful.