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  • Hey,
    I downloaded Opera Next and I can´t import my bookmarks! I tried everything, I even signed up in Opera Link and nothing changed. It´s driving me crazy, I don´t want to add all of them one by one just by typing them in the browser and adding them to the bookmarks.
    Can you help me, anyone?



  • Hi Kristyna,

    Agreed very annoying. If you have exported bookmarks from ie you can do what I did - which saves some typing at least. Open the file in Opera (it is HTML). The links for all your bookmarks are there in a list. Just highlight eachone and open in a new tab. Then go through each one in turn and add to your stash. Not a perfect solution but saves some time.

    Cheers Maddox

  • Hey Maddox,

    thank you, it isn´t a perfect solution but I´ll do it. What can we do, huh? 🙂

    Thanks again for you time and answer!

    Best regards


  • Yeah very very bad situation. I looked for it everywhere but then i trusted opera link and i always logged in to that. Then i formatted my computer thinking i can retrieve my bookmarks. But guess what? Only bookmarks i can access are the bookmarks from older opera versions. Thank you opera ruining my life just because i loved your browser and trusted. :(((

  • Please search before posting.

    By a web search for "import bookmarks.adr" I quickly found that possible solutions:

  • Please search before posting.<<

    With a sophisticated browser it should not be necessary to search for any such instructions. When installing other browsers bookmark import is part of the installation process or else is a simple click on the file menu.

    I had your >>Please search before posting.<< recently but somebody got in before you closed the thread and was helpful. Are you worried about bandwidth or something? Or do you just love wielding the power?

  • If you're importing them from Opera Stable, you should be able to copy the files from one to the other. With both versions closed, of course.