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Website Navigation Bar Item Buttons shown in Dropdowns Are Not Clickable

  • Since Opera 55 navigation menus in websites do not function correctly.

    For example, find a menu with on-hover dropdown navbar items. If the pages under a main menu item tab display on-hover, Opera ignores clicks on the dropdown items. This is evident in all sites with on-hover menu dropdowns.

    The problem is not present in Chrome or Firefox.

    The problem happens in regular and private browsing modes.

  • Okay....

    Your OS (Linux, Mac, Windows): See forum category.

    Your version of Opera: See original post.

    If the problem is with a page, a link to it: See original post: any page.

    A description of the problem, including as much as information as possible. See original post.

    Steps to (try to) reproduce the issue. See original post.

    Expected behavior and actual one. See original post.

    Plugins: Happens whether present or not. No plugins = same problem.

  • Any page with an on-hover menu, which does not include for example this page. Give us a URL to test it out on. (Something "safe for work" of course.)

    As far as OS - in the case of Linux you should include distro (Ubuntu, Debian, etc.), version and desktop (if the distro has more than one available - examples would be Gnome, Mate, LXDE, etc.) Come to think of it, a number of distros are now switching to Wayland instead of Xwindows, so that might be something to mention as well. (Even with Windows you need to specify version, as there are big differences between Windows 7 and Windows 10, but in Linux it is harder.)

  • @sgunhouse have been busy so only now able to reply. Check out this page:

    I am on that page now. I am not able to click secondary and tertiary items in the top menu.

  • Well. seems to work in Windows at least. Will check in Linux later.

  • @sgunhouse Thank you.

    It seems to be intermittent. I'm not sure what triggers the fault. A site's menu might work fine the first few pages then suddenly the secondary nav tabs become non clickable.

    I work with a lot of websites where I have to test each one's UX so I get to see this fault frequently.

    This might be a related issue. Some sites lose keyboard page scroll functionality midway through a session. Again, it is an intermittent bug. The up and down arrow keys will work great for a couple of pages within a site then suddenly cease to function in their up/down scroll capacity. Scroll bar functionality continues to work. Mouse wheel continues to work. Keyboard up/down arrow keys cease to function. Keyboard otherwise works fine.