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  • I purchased this machine not long ago from the US, but installed opera while on vacation in Mexico. Now the default google search query is, which I do not prefer. I realize I can add another search engine, but you can't use an added search engine as a default. As I understand it, there is no way to change the default query setting, so I'm wondering if I have to do a complete reinstall of opera (on a vpn this time because I'm in Ecuador) in order to have as the default search query?? Also, I haven't been through the uninstall with Opera, so I'm curious the process to retain the user settings/files, etc. so I don't have to go through customizing all over again... or if perhaps Opera uninstall gives me the opportunity to keep those files?

    While I'm fairly tech savvy, having been a BA many years, too much moving and copying of system files and the like has always made me a tad nervous. Ideally it'll help if any instructions can be explained step by step with few buzzwords or acronyms. Any help will be MUCH appreciated! (:

    P.S. Is this something I overlooked at some point during setup perhaps and I had the choice initially (determined by the user at setup or initializing the app)?

    1. Totally uninstall Opera and then reinstall it in your current location, so Opera will set the default search location to it.

    Or you can try

    1. Edit the 'local state' file and change 'country code' and 'country from server'.
  • @leocg can you give me more specific instructions for option 2? I'm comfortable doing my own troubleshooting, but I do get anxious without explicit instructions... I'd much rather #2 than complete reinstall.

  • Go to About Opera and copy your profile directory (as in, highlight it and Ctrl-C or Copy from the context menu), then close Opera. Open a file browser and Paste your profile's location into the Location bar. You'll see a file there named Local State (no extension) - since it has no extension Windows will ask you what program to use to open it. Something like Notepad or any text editor will work fine. The File menu should include Find, have it search for Location. If you're currently in the US, you can just delete the section (the word Location and the three fields in braces that follow) and Opera will recreate that section when you next open it. Save the changes (make sure "All files" is selected in the Save dialog or Windows will want to add an extension) and you're done.

  • @sgunhouse What would be so much better is for Opera to allow one to define a custom search engine string AND set it as the default. On most other browsers, redefining the Google search string to "" will return Google USA search results regardless of where in the world you are. Other search engines work similarly. Instead, with Opera, I have to jump through hoops as depicted above or go through the extra steps of opening a new tab and then opening a bookmark instead of simply typing in the search bar. The ability to set a user-defined search engine as a default is a feature Opera users have been requesting for going on five years now, and the refusal of Opera developers to make it happen is the primary reason I don't use this otherwise excellent browser more often. I travel a lot and want a consistent search engine typing in the search bar in whatever country I happen to be staying. Is that too much to ask?

  • I'm not a developer, so I can't say - but keep in mind that use of the built-in searches is one way Opera pays for its work. You can add custom searches and use them from the search bar (but not from "instant search" nor from the speed dial search field). While I do use the actual default search (Google, here) fairly often, the speed dial search is a waste of space on the speed dial page (when you can just use the address bar instead) and I am too used to doing things the way I always have to bother with "instant search".

  • @sgunhouse In my case, I'm still using the same search engines as the ones built in, just with different strings to avoid the localization. I just don't like the extra steps taken by having to open a new tab, going to "" and then typing in my search to avoid results not germane to me when I'd like to be able to just type it in the bar. If Opera could add a "no country redirect" option to the default searches, that would make things much better at least for me.

  • Did you already try to edit the Local State file and change the country code?

  • Google doesn't separate search results that much anymore - like they used to do for different language areas. Sure China still get's the treatment. If Opera continues to be the only browser with forced default engine ~ step 1 would add option to choose a country code (ccTLD) from a short list including .com!