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  • Whenever I scroll on a page in Opera, despite the smooth scrolling flag being switched on, scrolling feels "low framerate". It is more noticeable using a touchpad than a mouse, due to greater deceleration when scrolling, to approximate that smooth, "iPad"-type webpage scrolling. Unfortunately, the deceleration is not smooth at all, and when I scroll, the page jerkily comes to a stop.
    For a comparison, scrolling in Microsoft Edge (ugh) is actually very nice, smooth, and feels like scrolling on an iPad or somesuch.

    I have a powerful computer (i7-7700HQ, GTX 1060, 16GB RAM, etc.) with Windows Precision touchpad drivers, and kinda hoped that Opera would feel smoother than on my old 2010 laptop, but it ain't... (NB, faster and all, but scrolling is jerky, and startup feels glitchy as different UI elements and bookmarks all load in at different speeds). My Opera installation is less than two months old, and has been like this, with and without extensions; I also don't do much multitasking.

    If there's a way to get smoother scrolling, could you let me know? Or, please could you add it to Opera? Maybe could you add some touchpad gestures, as well?

  • @darthagnon I notice the same with specific page (greek site), but with chrome or mozilla it's good at that page. Only like "frame by frame" on this page.

  • Try this extension. I think it works wonderfully:

  • @treego If needs for every problem to add extension, what is the point of Opera browser? And not work.

  • See

    Does it happen on all pages? Any difference If you disable hardware acceleration?

    Here scrolling seems fine.

  • @leocg I mean in specific page (greek page), that with chrome or mozilla it's fine smooth.
    With "disable hardware acceleration", is a little different but not very smooth.

  • Examples?

  • @leocg sapsalis. Need to try with mozilla or chrome to se the difreence i think.

  • Is this with a monitor with a high refresh rate? Using high DPI?

  • Scrolling seems normal here, at least using a mouse.

  • @leocg In 2 different PC's (a try), Opera browser, on this page, have scrolling problem. It''s a bit heavy i mean than smoother than the other browsers. Chrome and Mozilla have very smooth scrolling (2).

  • @burnout426 I don't know, but if it is, why chrome and mozilla it's much better on this?
    If i understand the question correctly.

  • @panosv There are a few cases where Opera's UI performance is limited to 60fps. I'm not sure if this is one of them.

    I tested with both Chrome and Opera with chrome://flags/#smooth-scrolling and chrome://flags/#disable-threaded-scrolling both set to "enabled", on a 60hz monitor (default DPI), Scrolling with mouse (right-side of trackpad) is really choppy in both Chrome and Opera. It's about the same. If there's a difference, Chrome might be a super-tiny-bit better, but it's super-close. It's just as bad in Vivaldi (another Chromium-based browser).

    When I test in Firefox with smooth scrolling though, it's smooth as butter. Tested in Edge and it's pretty smooth too (although I don't know if Edge supports smooth scrolling).

    In short, I'm guessing it's an issue with Chromium. I guess depending on CPU and GPU and monitor refresh rate though, it might be better in Chrome than other Chromium browsers. But, I don't know.

  • It's a different request. Also, this topic is not exactly a request.

  • @burnout426 "is really choppy in both Chrome and Opera" hmmm, weird, to me, in Chrome, it's smooth on "top level" (no choppy). Even more smooth in Mozilla, have nice scrolling display.
    "I'm guessing it's an issue with Chromium", i don't know much about that, but maybe.
    Thanks for did that and update.

  • I'm trying the suggested "Smooth Scrolling" extension at the moment; can't quite tell yet if it's fixed it or not; scrolling still feels low framerate, if perhaps not quite as jerky when decelerating.

    EDIT: After loading the "Opera" profile and testing out further, it definitely improves scrolling a lot in Opera. It's still a low framerate, meaning there's some ghosting (can't measure, but am guessing ~20fps), but it feels a lot smoother. What a pity Opera can't have something like this by default.

  • My monitor is a 1920x1080 display, not sure if it qualifies as "high DPI", since it isn't 4K, but I do have to go into a lot of older programs and set compatibility settings to override DPI scaling behaviour and set it to "scaling performed by: Application", to avoid them being blurry.

    What difference should hardware acceleration make to scrolling? I have it enabled, but I've got 2017/2018 high-end laptop hardware. Opera should perform better by default than it does.

  • @leocg said in No smooth scrolling in Opera?:

    Scrolling seems normal here, at least using a mouse.

    From my day-to-day usage, scrolling with a desktop mouse feels normal, it's only with a touchpad that I've noticed "low framerate"/jerky scrolling.

  • Further issue: sideways scrolling is not responsive at all. e.g. pinch to zoom, then try and scroll around horizontally/diagonally with two fingers. Compare performance between Opera and Microsoft Edge. Edge performs this function much better, though Opera is otherwise the better browser. In Opera, two-fingered horizontal/diagonal scrolling is very hit-or-miss, usually not working at all.