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Synchronization has stopped working

  • Hi all, just wanted to open by saying that I generally have a good experience with Opera; it's the best browser I've used by far.

    But ever since about a week ago, I've not been able to sync between any of my devices (Desktop, Laptop and Android phone). I've not signed up for any other sites since the last mobile update, so I can't say if passwords are syncing, but my speeddials and bookmarks are definitely not.

    Is there anyway to solve this? Preferably without wiping anything (mostly worried about Offline Pages, I'm not sure where that's stored).


  • Sync is working for me although it generally syncs what it wants when it wants.

    Can you check here and see if anything has been synced there? You can access your bookmarks and history there. Passwords will be encrypted so you can't look at them, but they should be there as well along with any devices. If there is, then you can manually add your bookmarks to your devices.

    Offline pages will not be lost if sync is reset. They are stored on your device wherever Opera is stored and should remain there as long as you don't uninstall Opera. That is the one thing that Opera doesn't sync I think.

    As for Speed dials not syncing, you have to manually import them they will not appear by themselves. If I remember correctly, Bookmarks and History are the only things that show up instantly across devices. Tabs and speed dials can be accessed on Android through the tabs menu (Numbered square on top right). On desktop/laptops synced speed dials from other devices are listed under bookmarks --> other speed dials and can be added to your desktop/laptop by copying and pasting them to that device's speed dial.

  • @someoddball I have experienced the same issue today. Yesterday everything worked perfectly, but today sync just stopped working. 😐

  • If you use Developer, Sync was disabled in this week's build. Stable seems to be working fine at the moment.

  • @sgunhouse Yes, I just tested. 57.0.3072.0 works OK, but as soon as I switch to 57.0.3082.0, sync stops working. Is it disabled temporarily?

  • @leocg Thanks for input! 🙂