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Opera 55. Getting rid of that ugly CSD

  • As a temporary workaround, I have unfortunately downgraded my Opera to version 54.0.2952.71, which can be downloaded from

    I filed a bug report on this and will be waiting for it to be fixed on version 55.

  • @blueshawk42 said in Opera 55. Getting rid of that ugly CSD:

    Is this where everyone comes to bitch about the nice CSD win10 look and get totally ignored by the developers? Secondary to the HUGE video bugs they keep forcing on us by not playing nice with PPA and canonical, this has to be the stupidest thing I've seen a linux app "claiming" to be opensource do.

    This needs an easy button or risk getting touche'd with the mighty fork and become something else. But then...they don't usually pay any attention to forums. I suggest everyone upset by this put in a bug report. Maybe enough flame mails will get them to fix it.
    But judging from prior experience.... 😕

    Yes, this is the right thread. you have come to the right place 😛
    For starters, the csd look is the exact oposite of nice with that w10 look. It is horrible and all users that have come to this thread agree on that.

    As for the why "the ugly csd problem" is more important that "the broken html5 support problem", let me make a small analysis

    The ugly csd problem

    • Affects all users, regardless of distro, desktop enviroment or window manager. All of us got that ugly w10 look and we have no way to disable it.
    • Other browsers which support csd, also offer a way to disable it and use the regular window control buttons (minimize, maximize, close). Opera MUST do the same, opera's devs MUST give us the way to opt out of this.

    The broken html5 support problem

    • Affects all users, because opera's built in libffmpeg can not support all formats due to legal restrictions.
      However, the workaround (= "install chromium ffmpeg codecs and you will get the rest of the formats to play") only matters for the ubuntu user, because only ubuntu builds chromium ffmpeg codecs! No other distro does that, so the html5 support remains incomplete/broken for the debia/arch/mageia/fedora/whatever user out there. That's why you only see ubuntu users complaining about that broken support every single month.
    • Developer wise, there is a way to make opera use the system's libav* libs to get that complete html5 support, I have mentioned in another thread, but that means compiling opera from scratch and testing how well it works. I really doubt that they will ever do that, so the "broken html5 support" will be a problem for many years to come.

    There. I hope I covered all your questions.

    p.s. Opera is not opensource and it has never claimed to be opensource. And in general, the availability of an app for linux does not make the app opensource.

  • Hi @jamesisin, try to run the Opera with the switch --show-opera-menu, and see if this helps in your case.

  • 0_1534877059289_Selection_623.png When ever a secondary window opens I have no way of closing it unless I hit Alt F3 and select "No borders"

  • @pugamapish
    Excluding the csd, you also seem to be missing the o-menu, the tab bar, evan the back/forward/etc buttons!

  • Looks like one of those pop-up windows minus the title bar and borders. Right-click on a link and choose Open in New Window to get a regular window, then close the pop-up.

  • For those using KDE, u can go to System Settings -> Window management -> Window Rules. And add there a rule for the whole class ("Opera Opera") with the "No title bar and frame" set to "Force" and "No". But this still looks ugly and doesn't solve the problem with forcing csd and not providing an option to disable/enable it.

  • @cirio Yeah, mine has no O menu.

  • Opera 55 was updated to 55.0.2994.44 a few minutes ago and the csd problem is still there. So far, it seems the devs are ignoring our requests... 😞

  • Opera is worse and worse every day. It doesn't make sense to use it anymore.

  • I am using Kubuntu 16.04, after Opera update to the 55.x, I cannot normally use developer tools anymore. I am working with two monitors and I am always detaching developer tools so developer tools could be on one screen and webpage on another.

    After detaching developer tools (to be in a seperate window) everything is fine, but when you are trying to move seperated window somewhere it loses title bar (see attached image). It's super annoying and it's hard to work with a bug like this.

    P.S. After update to the 55.0.2994.44 the bug is still there. 😞

    alt text

  • @pugamapish I have an extension that opens a secondary window and I've found I can close it by hitting "Escape" twice.

  • New Opera user here. I think I've only had two updates to Opera so far, but I too despise the hideous new titlebar. If the devs want to include this as an option that's fine, but give us a setting so that we can choose between using native titlebars/windows and the new ugly.

  • I will leave Opera, and go back to Firefox waiting for the bug to be fixed.

  • @anotheroperafan You're right, it doesn't look good, but it does look better and I have some window functionality now. I can "roll-up" (shade) my Opera windows and use the "keep above" feature. I did set up a custom titlebar to match the colors of Opera's dark theme so it doesn't look quite as bad.

  • client side window decoration has some problems in KDE Plasma
    desktop environment:
    window is borderless
    window can not be resized by dragging its borders

    Therefore, give us an option to enable server side window decoration on linux please.

  • @minho Yes

  • Por favor voltem com a "Barra de Título" eu utilizo o Linux Mint com KDE, e o Opera descaracterizou completamente o sistema, ficou péssimo não ter a a janela, e mesmo configurando no sistema para voltar com as janelas, ela fica toda bugada.

    Corrija essa atualização,


  • This forum is in English.Also, don't shout.

  • Spamming my thread just to mention that opera 56 just reached stable and that csd is still there (and no way to disable it yet). Pity 😞

    On the upside though, for me at least, they put a toggle in the settings for "Scroll to the top of the page by clicking the active tab"! God knows how many times I accidentally clicked a tab and opera scrolled to it's top all these months since the feature became available.