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Opera won't close - Stays running multiple instances in background!

  • Besides the fact that this forum is hopeless and ineptly designed... so I can't see if anyone else has mentioned this - as the search is useless (too many results, not relevent results, might as well just scroll through all the posts - but I won't) Opera is up to an old trick again. Now with the chrome engine. It does not close, and I have 20 or more instances running in one tree (from yesterday) in addition to this one I just opened today!

  • Are you using windows? Occasionaly you have to go to task manager and close them out. Now having multiple processes going is normal and specifically designed that way in Opera 21. (Sometimes I have 20 or 25 going at the same time). Each extension, plug-in, etc. takes its own process. That can speed things up, and prevent the whole browser from freezing/crashing if one process fails. In any event, when you close the browser, the processes should not be remaining open. Now occasionally it does happen. I can remember going back years with the old Opera (Presto) (what you refer to as opera's "old tricks" (smile) occassionally you had to go to thw Windows Task Manager and close things down. On the forum, the Search Engine is somewhere between poor and useless. I agree with your concern about it.

  • As said, use the task manager and kill all Ooera's processes. Then start a new instance of Opera, use it normally and after have closed it, check if all the processes go away (it may take a while).

    If not, kill them again, start Opera and disable all extensions (if you are using any) and plugins and check if the problem still happens. If not, start enabling extensions and plugins, one by one untill you find the one to blame.

    If even with extensions and plugins disabled the problem still happens, try a standalone install to check if the problem is not with your profile.

  • Are you using windows? Occasionaly you have to go to task manager and close them out.
    No you don't. I don't have this problem. All the processes always close when I close Opera's last window.
    The user has an issue to troubleshoot here.

    #1 are you using the latest version of Opera?

  • I know exactly what you're saying. sometime, even after I close all my tabs, and I go to shut down, every page that had a video open prior will appear and they'll start closing off one by one.
    or, sometimes, when I go to open a new tab, the last page I was on will pop up momentarily!
    or I'll go to shut down and it'll appear, Windows cant shut down due to these pages still running or some such alert. even after all those tabs had been close a long time ago.
    and going into task manager it wont show any of those things.
    so all this computer technology is out growing the abilities and understanding of these programmers.
    and it's aggravating.
    but the video flash issues makes me the maddest.

  • @tentamak ???? Nothing in this topic points to any issue similar to what you're describing.

  • On occasion going back years (back to early Presto days) Opera hasn't closed all the processes for me, even though the browser is closed. When I posted about it, I was told no big deal if it's an occasional thing. The first thing to do, I would think, is to close the processes manually and see if it repeats. In the past, I became aware of the problem when I'd try to start Opera but it wouldn't start up. Then I'd have to go to the Task Manager, close out processes that didn't close the last time I closed Opera, and after that if I clicked on the Opera icon -- happy days 🙂 -- it would start up. Now I have not really noticed this phenomenon recently with Opera Blink, so maybe it isn't happening here 🙂 but when the poster referred to Opera is up to an "old trick" I couldn't help but think of all the times, on occasion over the years -- not often enough to be a big deal -- I had to go to the Start Task Manager and close out the Opera processes.

  • I know but it was a bug. If it's happening with the new version it's a new bug that shouldn't be happening.

  • okay. I guess we need a flyswatter :))

  • Are you kidding using task manager - that's for defective software! And it is happening again. I noticed it because it slowed down my computer significantly. And I do understand that multiple instances open when running Opera. But as I said, there was an OLD set of Opera processes running from the day before at the same time a new set was running in one for today. When I closed todays, they did close (so they do close down - the problem is not consistantly happening), but the old one - was still running. You can look at the processes in greater detail in something like process explorer and see when they started - (a 'tree') that shows the original process and all the branches - other Opera processes under it. I can kill them and they are gone, but otherwise they are running hidden like a virus. Just reporting a bug...

  • Just reporting a bug...

    So please report it here