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Version 53.0.2907.68 Will not display animated backgrounds

  • I am on the verge of uninstalling Opera - it crashed about a week ago and lost all my settings. I have wasted hours trying to get it to display the animated background I have been using for the years I have been using Opera, without success. I do remember in an older version there was a box that had to be ticked "Enable Animated Images" this box is no longer available. I am not using battery saver.

    Why does Opera now open multiple tabs when the browser opens as 'Default' it doesn't always remember passwords (even for this site) If these issues can not be resolved I will uninstall it.

  • @laura-anne The problem with animated wallpapers/themes is known and there are already some topics discussing about it.

    As already said in other threads about the passwords issue, you need to allow access to Opera's Safe Storage, due to a change in Opera's certificate.

  • @laura-anne What do you mean by 'Opera now opens multiple tabs'? What tabs are those?

  • @leocg thank you for your reply, I have already activated the safe storage, but still a bit hit and miss. With regard to the multiple tab issue, if I open Opera from the Opera icon one page opens, if I access Opera from an email (Opera is my default browser) it always opens two pages, the link loads on one and the second one is just blank.

  • Regarding animated wallpapers on macOS we seem to have this issue fixed in latests O54 beta build so it will definitely be fixed when it goes to stable. Not sure if we manage to get this fix backported to O53 at this moment though.

  • @laura-anne we are aware of an issue when sometimes blank pages are opened in Opera. One such case is when there is pending Opera update. But you seem to already be on latest stable version 53.0.2907.68. Have you restarted mail application also since Opera has been updated? Could you tell us which mail application you are using so perhaps we could try to check if we manage to reproduce it ourselves?

  • @mgeffro I use Apple Mail Version 11.3 (3445.6.18) - I regularly shut down and reopen mail, even reboot laptop. The issue was definitely still apparent yesterday. Thank you for your help.

  • @mgeffro Just checked, it still opens two pages when initiated from a link (i.e. in an email) but only if Opera has been Quit and shut down. If I open a link from an email and Opera is already open, only one page is opened.

  • I found that no matter how I tried to open a link to a second tab, it did not work. I tried it from a bookmark, and from clicking a link. Opera would open a page on only one tab. That is why I reverted back to the previous version.

    I do not see much point in trying to preload a whole lot of pages either.

  • @laura-anne reported this in our internal system as DNA-70147. Hopefully it will be fixed eventually.

  • @concretable by default you should be able to open link in new tab either through context menu or by holding Cmd key while clicking on a link. This works for me on version 53.0.2907.68

  • I should have been able to do that (bookmark or middle-click or Cmd-click), but I could not. The first Opera 53 version has no problem with that. Also, loading a lot of things without my permission is just a nuisance, and should not happen.

  • Are you sure you haven't installed any extension that could have changed this behaviour? I'm not aware of any setting or flag in Opera that could have done this.
    Here is first O53 version we released are you sure this works fine for you on that version? But the only significant change since then was chromium version 66.0.3359.170, but in that case it would have affected all users and I don't think there seem to be any more reports about this.

    Also what exactly you mean by 'loading a lot of things without my permission'?

  • @mgeffro
    I am currently running that version. There is no problem with it, and I still have the same extensions as I did with the second version.
    By loading a lot of things, I mean that all I had to do was pull down the bookmarks folder from the bookmarks toolbar, and a lot of pages were being preloaded without my selecting anything. I caught some of them because there are some servers that do not use the typical internet ports, and the firewall will ask about those. It also took a lot longer to clear the cache, history, etc. than was normal with the previous versions.

    I think the developers really fouled up the most recent version.

  • I went through chromium changes and our internal change log and there don't seem to be any commits that could have affected opening links in new tabs. And neither anything that would suggest some changes to preloading pages. You mention some servers with unusual ports, could you list them here?

  • I have over 800 bookmarks, and I do not keep information about which ones use atypical ports in my head.