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Loading Facebook content and sharing on Facebook - issues

  • Hey,

    Recently I run into a wall, due to my Opera's problem. These are present since a few days.

    Context: Using Facebook only on my Opera browser, on Windows (Win7, 64 bit, Professional) and on Mac (iOS 11.3.1 High Sierra) as well.
    For instance, other browsers like Chrome works properly and this which couldn't have been uploaded on Opera is being uploaded on Chrome instantly.
    I see only some parts of Facebook's interface. It's related only to Facebook pages. Groups, users profiles, events, etc. are being displayed properly. Below is what I'm struggling with:]

    Context:* Basically I can't share almost every content on Facebook through sharing buttons which are on external websites. Below is an example from Soundcloud:

    I did totally nothing with my Opera extensions. I have these installed:

    • Install Chrome Extensions
    • Grammarly for Chrome
    • No Coin - Block miners on the web!
    • Google Translator
    • uBlock Origin

    In my Opera settings, I have on these:

    • Blocking ads on Facebook
    • AdBlock & UBlock
    • Easylist
    • Easy Privacy
    • NoCoin

    So what's going on here? Did I make something to my Opera or do other persons have these same problems?


  • @shackleton Did you try all of those steps?

  • My guess would uBlock Origin is blocking it as a tracker (as all the Like and Share buttons are trackers).

  • @leocg I must admit I didn't, I didn't even see that topic. I went straight to the Opera for windows topics, sorry.

    @sgunhouse That curious, because I turned off uBlock, just for a second, went to a random Facebook page then and the content appeared. Then I turned on uBlock like it was previously running and it is still working, but sharing is still disabled. Weird.

    Apart from that issues, maybe it is somehow related to a ban? I don't know, I'm just thinking loudly.

  • @shackleton So after have done the steps, the problem is still there?