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How can I disable the Opera menu?

  • Hello, I've just recently switched to Opera from FF and have been using Chrome for some time...
    both browsers have their menu at the far right where it's comfortable to access, where the current menu is in a rather unusual place...

    How can I disable the Opera menu??
    I would even be happy with a more standard menu as shown on this page:
    but this browser is chrome-based, so it should have a chrome-style menu position right??

  • You can't. Opera, like most chromium-based browsers, do not have a way to change their user interface.

  • hmm... could I make this a request then?
    back when I used Opera 12 I always disabled that menu...
    it's just super annoying with it's position

    I get that it's a ploy on the app icon menu, but the devs should at least respect the users who don't use that...
    it's not like an option couldn't be built into the settings 😕

  • You can make whatever you wish. The problem is that it is really difficult or even impossible to implement what you ask.

    And please do not mention vivaldi does have that option. In order to have this, and many more, vivaldi is made in a crappy, resource hungry toolkit (electron), while opera (and chrome/chromium) are made on a mainstream one (gtk).

  • @jimunderscorep don't worry, I know Opera uses a super optimized engine, and I absolutely love it!
    it's better than pretty much any other chromium-based browser out there, including Comodo Dragon. 😉

    but yeah, I've built a GUI in raw OpenGL before, so it can't be too difficult 🙂
    (my GUI even used stacked layers with single-layer transparency by abusing the depth buffer)

    I've also worked with Qt before and even wrote my own struct-highlighting hex viewer...
    I'm sure gtk is at least somewhat similar...
    but I still doubt the difficulty level is anywhere near impossible. 😉
    it may even be easier than percieved.

  • @tcll5850 There are probably some of them in the 'suggestions and feature requests' forum.

  • Hi @tcll5850, try to launch (or make a shell script) the Opera as follows:
    XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=Unity /usr/bin/opera

  • @l33t4opera said in How can I disable the Opera menu?:

    XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=Unity /usr/bin/opera

    yeah, that didn't disable the annoying menu position I'm afraid...
    otherwize I already have a launcher widget in an xfce4-panel at the top of my screen for a makeshift mac-bar doing the same thing.
    I don't even have unity desktop on my system 😛

    so yeah, not much help I'm afraid, but thanks for trying. 🙂

  • Hi @tcll5850, it should disable the Opera's menu, even you don't have Unity ;-)

  • @l33t4opera said in How can I disable the Opera menu?:

    Hi @tcll5850, it should disable the Opera's menu, even you don't have Unity ;-)

    alright, I tried it in a launcher command ( building a launcher to a shell script is a B ) 😛
    ^ I expected an error with this, but needed to try anyways, and yep:

    I dug around in the xfce4 panel configs to text-edit my launcher, and it turns out the launcher was already set for Unity to begin with, but I added the var anyways to see if it did anything, and nope 😛

    if needed I can try a shell script, but I hate setting those up... lol
    anything else you could recommend??
    thanks btw 🙂

    if you're wondering why I use --disable-gpu, it's because I have a dual-monitor setup, dedicating 1 GPU per monitor.
    doing this allows me to drag the browser across monitors.

  • This post is deleted!
  • Hi @tcll5850, if you don't want to make a shell script, then replace the "Command" line as follows:sh -c 'XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=Unity && /usr/bin/opera --disable-gpu' , and see if this helps.

  • @l33t4opera ah yep, it's a start, but now there's no menu at all
    thanks though, and sorry for misunderstanding 😉

    is there some sort of extension that can add it back in the proper place??

  • Were you really asking how to stop the Alt key from displaying the menu, perhaps?

  • @sgunhouse no, it's just awkward and annoying to have the menu at the top left rather than the right.

    on a side note, I'm not complaining about not having integrated window buttons because I just stretch the window frame rater than maximize it.

    but back when I'd used Opera 12 I disabled the Opera menu for the standard menu, but that's before I switched to Comodo Dragon on WindowsXP, and then Chromium > Chrome > Firefox on Linux

    now that I'm finding out I can't even get the standard menu, it's rather annoying...

    reason I'm using Opera again is because I found out it was more secure than Comodo Dragon, and far less memory intrusive than Firefox.

    I only switched to FF because Chrome (for being more secure than FF) started using 3GB on startup (1 tab), and I only have 4GB.

    but with FF, I could only open about 3 tabs before it started using 2GB.

    with Opera, I currently have 4 tabs open and I'm not even using 1GB. 🙂

    I'm happy the Opera menu is disabled, but now I don't even have a menu to access... heh
    that's why I was asking if there was an extension.

  • Hi @tcll5850, depending on your distro, search for the package like "xfce4-appmenu-plugin", and if you find it install it, then right-click on one of your panels, click "Add new items", and add "AppMenu plugin". After that, when you run an application e.g. Opera, you should be able to see its menu on the panel;-)

  • @l33t4opera O_O
    ... huh....
    I mean...
    I did ask for a solution...
    but, I was expecting inside opera...
    lmao, that's interesting ;D
    and a nice way to avoid the expected solution XD

    welp, guess that tells me there's nothing available yet...
    that's unfortunate -.-

    hopefully someone can build an extension that looks like the Chrome menu.
    (that's including me if I ever have room on my plate, and time to learn, but by that time Opera devs may simply move the Opera menu)

  • just came back to opera after a long break. that menu.... i just cant get used to it 😞 also want a way to remove it

  • +1 . I agree! At least the "Menu" caption visibility could be configurable because it is a waste of space (opera icon access for menu is enough)