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Opera Reopens after I close it

  • Hello,

    I noticed that when I close Opera, in the taskbar, I see that the browser reopens with the title "SleepDetectionService ...." for a few moments before closing completely. Why does this happen?

  • Version: 52.0.2871.99
    I have opera pinned on the taskbar.
    When exiting opera browser, the tab on the taskbar closes but then immediately opens again ( it says something like "Sleepdetector" on it ) for a fraction of a second and closes again for good.
    Pretty sure it didn't do that on previous versions.

  • @timhoj1402
    I also just noticed sleep detector.
    It appears for less than one second in the bottom taskbar of Windows
    I had to record it with a camera because it opens and closes so fast.
    The taskbar window is labeled sleepdetectorserv and it has the Opera red logo next to it.

    What is it?

  • This post is deleted!
  • Opera sucks @ss. Back to Chrome for me. Can't even ask a question because the moderators delete the post. I still have no idea what sleepdetectorserv is and I fear it may be malicious. Immediate uninstall of Opera. Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi are all better.

  • @nedf You asked your question in this same topic about 20 hours ago. If it wasn't answered yet, it's probably because people still don't know the answer.

  • Lately I've noticed that right after I close my browser, it appears to reopen for a split second. There's no actual tab that comes up on the screen, but it appears to reopen in the taskbar. What could be the cause of that?

  • See above posts - there's a utility named sleepdetectorserv that runs when Opera closes to make sure your "My Flow" gets updated. The earlier Win 7 users can actually see the program name on the task bar and were wondering what it was; in Win 10 all we see is the pinned Opera icon light up for a fraction of a second.

  • @sgunhouse Ok, Thanks!

  • @sgunhouse why does it happen even if my flow is disabled ?

  • because it isnt disabled. See in opera's task manager. Extension: opera touch background is always active, cannot be disabled.

  • How does something like that even get released. I mean, there is no way you can miss it. The tab closes, opens again, there is something strange written on it, and closes again.
    I guess you only test opera on win10 even though more people use windows 7 (43% vs 33% for win10 ) ?

  • @timhoj1402 It doesn't prevent anyone from using Opera, so it's not something that would justify postpone a release.

  • so is this "bug" gonna be fixed soon or not? cuz its really annoying.....

  • OK , Opera may be my favorite browser at the moment but I am fed up with seeing "sleepdetectorservice" mentioned on the taskbar each time Opera is closed ? Who is responsible, and why isn't Opera more open about these things. I have no idea what it is apart from something to do with Operas latest update. I do not use the new "flow" feature, either have it turned off in settings and also do not use the "instant search" feature . Opera is a fast browser but do people really ask or want some of these new features ? Anyway to get to my main point how can I get rid of "sleepdetectorservice" from my browser ?

  • update to 53.0.2907.37 didn't fix it.
    Still extremely annoying.

  • @timhoj1402 yeah its very annoying af and nobody cares about it

  • @timhoj1402 said in Opera Reopens after I close it:

    update to 53.0.2907.37 didn't fix it.

    There's a fix for the sleepdetector issue in that build according to the change log and blog post Are you saying you're still seeing the sleepdetector issue specifically? Or, are you saying you're seeing a different issue with Opera starting back up?

    Edit. I misread your build number. You need 53.0.2907.57, which is mentioned in the blog post.

  • yeah day later the .57 update came and tab re-opening isn't visible anymore, but it's clearly still there in the background because the closing time of opera (can see the little blue windows circle spinning) is as long as when it was re-opening the tab.

    So no obvious visual anoyance anymore but opera guys should really look into fixing that and not just hiding it.