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How Do I Disable The New "Instant Search" Feature ?

  • I got the new "Instant Search" Popup and I am not happy with it. Whoever suggested this feature seriously needs attention. I thought at first it was malware infecting my computer before I did a Google search and see that Opera is responsible. I have looked in settings but cannot see a disable for this . Can someone help please ?

  • @mike88 You can't disable it as far as I know. However you can hide it from sidebar and you also should be able to change its shortcut so it doesn't appear when you use alt + space.

  • I second this. This 'feature' is unwelcome and an option to disable would be welcome. Thank you.

  • Thanks for your responses, I have now calmed down. I have removed it from the sidebar but when I first had the "instant search" bar appear I don't think I clicked on anything to get it to appear, which makes it mysterious. I hope the "instant search" bar can only be used by user intervention and not when Opera thinks it should be shown. As a side note when Opera does these "upgrades" why don't they show a page automatically after the update so the user is aware of what features have been added or removed.

  • @mike88 You should have seen a page talking about instant search and Flow when Opera upgraded to the first build with it.

    Also, you should not have seen the instant search bar if you didn't click on its icon on sidebar nor have used the keyword shortcut.

  • @leocg
    It does pop up first time, when you paste something into address bar or some similar action (don't remember anymore). Absolutely nasty behavior.

    Then, Alt+Space should open window menu - this is old and sometimes needed Windows shortcut, overwritten by Opera now 😞

    I really hope we will get option to completely disable such abomination.

  • @donq It never happened for me, I always needed to click on the button to enable instant search.

  • I hate this new "Instant Search", too. I use a launcher program (Wox) that already uses this shortcut, and am worried about conflicts. Need a toggle to disable this so-called feature. I can't help wondering how about this feature bloat that is coming to Opera - it must be contributing to CPU/RAM load somewhere. It already makes my older computer's fans whirr like a hurricane and opening Opera already takes ages when first opened. Couldn't extra features be delegated to plugins, like Chrome does?

  • You can go to Settings/Shortcuts /Configure Shortcuts and remove the shortcut entirely.

  • I disabled this the first time I used Opera after it was installed. Removed it from the side bar and shortcuts. Just now it popped up as soon as I clicked on the task bar to type, and didn’t go away until I pressed escape. There hasn’t been another upgrade, so I don’t know what else I need to do to make it go away for good. It never was needed so it needs to go away.

  • I don't use the instant search feature but I do use the tab search (mapped to F2), which has more utility for me. I liked it when I saw it in Vivaldi, though that combines both in one command if I recall.