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Missing Android APKs for Opera for Android

  • Hello Opera Community and Team,

    I am doing some research which requires me to download all the old APK versions for a browser. I have been successful in getting all the versions of Opera Mini (some from the official FTP but there were a few for which I had to use APKMirror) and Opera Mobile Classic, well ya know, it only had one major release but I am facing a few issues while completing my Opera for Android collection.

    Thank you Opera team for making FTP Archive of all the older browser versions available. Without it, I would have no idea from where to start and the collection would have to be incomplete, but it seems not all the old versions are available in the archive. Opera for Android have quite a few browsers missing in the sequence.

    I was able to get version 44 which was missing in android directory but there are a few more versions that are not available in the ftp and I was unable to find apks for them on the public internet. I am not aware of how the Opera used to version these apks and if it skipped some versions in the process or if there's another reason behind their absence in the archive. It would be great if someone from the Opera team can shed some light on this matter and I hope someday someone else would also come here in search of the answer.

    My initial thinking was that these versions were never released but as seen from the Opera 44 and other examples I had a good success finding some of those on the public internet whih were not available in the ftp archive so I also have a reason to believe that they exist just not in the ftp archive and If Opera team would be willing to make them available for the public too.

    Following are the skipped versions I found for Opera for Android

    • 13
    • 17
    • 23
    • 31
    • 38
    • 39
    • 40
    • 44 APK found from APKMirror

    Thanks a lot for reading..

    TLDR: Some versions seem to be missing in Android FTP Archive, I was able to find some of them on public internet, were the missing ones ever released or are they just missing from the arhcive.

  • There was no 13, for either desktop or mobile - that was during the changeover from Presto to Blink and they decided they might as well skip the "unlucky" number. (There was also no 14 for desktop - at the time they were trying to keep version numbers in sync but the desktop version wasn't stable enough.) The others I don't know about.

  • Thanks a lot @sgunhouse for helping me with your Opera prowess. I am checking off 13 out of my list.

    They must have tried syncing the versions but it seems as of now the versioining of both Opera Mobile for Android and Opera Desktop are out of sync, this is unlike the two other major browsers which follow a very consistent number over their whole device range Otherwise, this information would have been very helpful.

    If anybody else can help me out with this and if someone from Opera can look into this matter and do a little internal research about the Opera for Android versions that existed from the above given list it would be very helpful for research completion. This information is going to be used in a fair manner.

    @leocg Could you help in any way with this please? Thanks a lot

  • @prestoespresso There's nothing much that we, mods, can do about it.

  • @leocg Thank you for your response and help. I can understand your point. In that case, It'd be a great help if you can direct me to an appropriate person for this kind of query within opera, by mentioning them here in this thread or providing with an email which I can use to contact them directly.

    I urgently need this information and any help would be very appreciated.

    Thanks for reading 😄

  • @prestoespresso We need to wait for someone from Opera's mobile team to see this topic and answer it.

  • I am very hopeful someone from Opera Mobile team will surely help me as people at Opera are awesome and very nice.


    So I talked with an Opera employee and he solved this puzzle for me. It turns out all of them excluding 44 are all jumped numbers that were never released to the public. Thanks to the person who helped me and provided me this information form the opera team.

    I was provided with two pngs that include the whole version history of Opera for Android till version 45. Sharing here, for anyone else who needs it in the future.


  • Topic closed as solved. If in up until to a month the author needs the thread to be reopened, just report it. briefly explaining the reason.