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Where can I find Opera 51.0 password data file?

  • I have several times had to reinstall the operating system and the Opera (v51.0) browser passwords has always been to write manually, when I have not been able to no longer transfer the old Wand.dat file after installation to the correct folder when it is no longer the case. Where can I find a Wand.dat file from the current version of Opera that I could move to the correct Opera folder after installation, so I would not have to write each password separately, more than 20? Thank you,

  • Wrong question. Your passwords are encrypted to the user account, if you reinstall Windows the account is changed and you can't read the passwords. Enable Sync for passwords, after a reinstall just sign in to Sync and you can get all your passwords back.

  • @wqxzqew
    Also BTW wand.dat is only applicable to the old Presto versions of Opera, not the current versions.
    It doesn't exist in current versions.

  • There are some third-party tools, able to read Chrome and Opera passwords and export-import these either. I have used ChromePass (I hope it was called so) in the past; does it work with current Opera, I have no idea. Sync should do the trick (it did for me).

  • @sgunhouse
    How do I sync passwords in Windows 7?
    Can synchronization also retrieve the already stored passwords from the Login Data file?
    Is not this more difficult to do?

  • Sync stores your data (passwords, boookmarks, etc. - as selected in your options) on a remote server, tied to your Opera forums account instead of your Windows account. As such you can access it from another computer or even a mobile device - which is actually Sync's official purpose, to allow you to share data across multiple devices. But since it is linked to your forum account it is still accessible after you completely reinstall Windows. But no. it doesn't read your backup files - it only reads what Opera can read itself.

  • I never needed to sync between two devices when I use one device as a rule. Is there no other way to take advantage of existing passwords that they do not need to enter the Opera one by one whenever they visit a page that requires a password? Why is there not a wand.dat file like this, but just copy it after each installation to the right place and work without any unnecessary syncing of the games and the spells? I do not need any synchronization service because I have not needed it before. It makes the film too unnecessary complicated. Ugh! I have spoken!

  • @wqxzqew
    The equivalent of the old wand.dat in Presto Opera is now the "Login Data" file in your Profile\Data folder.
    Note that the file has no extension.
    You can manually back that up to preserve your logins, but bear in mind that it will not work on an installation on another computer, only on the one it was generated under.