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New to Opera and I need help... please.

  • As an IE user for many years, I decided that it is outdated and lame. So I installed the Opera browser and have really liked it so far. One thing I cannot seem to do is when I a visiting a website and I want to place a shortcut on my desktop, I cannot find a way to do this without making another speed dial link. Am I limited to the speed dial links only?

  • @graywoulf Drag the globe/padlock icon to the desktop, it should work.

  • I really do appreciate your reply and suggestion. However, I am clueless as to what you mean. The only icons I see that are similar to what you are describing are at the left of the address bar which indicate that they offer more information about the website I am viewing. Would you please explain further. Thank you.

  • @graywoulf If you drag that icon and drop it on your desktop, you will create a shortcut to the page.

  • Thanks again. I couldn't see the forest for the trees. I finally figured out that I needed to do a restore down to the browser to see the desktop so I could drop that icon on it. I'm just used to doing a right click to add a shortcut to the desktop as I did in IE11.

  • @graywoulf Thank you for raising your query. I am a long time Opera user, way back to v3 days. I was unaware we could now click/hold that icon and drop onto desktop as a page shortcut.

    So I tried making a shortcut of your query for myself after reading (thank you Leo). I'm on Win7 machine which came with IE (but use Opera), and I agree as I can't stand IE.

    When creating the shortcut to desktop as described above, it created an IE shortcut. When looking at the shortcut properties, the type of file is "Internet shortcut (.url)", and the Description is ["the name of your original query"].

    So I'm guessing a shortcut in this way puts it on the system [desktop], rather than to Opera. Otherwise creating an Opera bookmark or speed dial is the other option. 🙂

  • @operafanuk
    It is a "windows" shortcut. It is designed to launch the "default" browser and open the link embedded. Alternatively, you can right-click on the desktop and New/Shortcut. Then go through the wizard dialog that appears. Paste the URL you want to save into the shortcut. Click finish and you have a shortcut. You can also select an application. You can rename the shortcut whatever you want. To edit it, just rightclick and select properties. Hope that helps.

  • @mryanmarkryan2 Great. Thank you for that and appreciated.

  • @mryanmarkryan2 Thank you! I was too reliant on the old Windows method and I never used the route you described. I will use it from now on. See, you can teach an old dog a new trick. ☺

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