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  • Using Opera 20.0

    How can I change that search bar on the speed dial screen?

    I don't want to use Google and my default search engine is not set to Google.

  • You can't put another search bar to replace the separate Google search bar on that screen dial page, but you can hide it. Here's how you do that. You have to enter what's called, Power User Mode. Here's a link on it that explains:

    One thing not mentioned in the link, though. When you go to the settings page click an empty space first in that small Settings rectangle, to get yourself outside of the search box (if you're in the search box with the mouse, it will mess things up). Then follow the instructions at the link, which discuss doing: using your arrow keys -- up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, then the letters "b" and "a"

    Be sure to type type the small "b" and small "a"at the end. When you get the Welcome Box, click "proceed"

    Then you go down the menus. Scroll about half way down to the section on the Start Page, and put a check in hiding the search bar.

    That should do it!

  • How can I change that search bar on the speed dial screen?

  • Wow, that sucks! Why are they ruining Opera?

    1. No home page (please correct me if this is wrong)?
    2. Alt+home no longer goes to a home page.
    3. Forced to have Google on the speed dial.
    4. No right-click on new tab to open private tab (I assume you have to open a private window).
    5. No customization of the nav. bar. I used to be able to add a "Home" icon or a lot of other things!
    6. No optional menu. It seems silly to jam the menu into an Opera button.
    7. Settings as a web page. It's not bad but the options feel limited, compared with v12.
    8. No keyboard customization. Again, let me know if I am mistaken. The only reason I want to customize it is to add back my home page, somehow 😕

    Come on, Opera! Do they ever read these forums? I would like to give them feedback because I really like this browser and I want it to be the best.

    I hate that they have gone backwards in some ways since v12. I know v20 has some good improvements.

    Anyway, thanks for the info and I'll review it and see what I can figure out.



    Thank you! That worked. If you ask me, I think it should be u,u,d,d,l,r,l,r,B,S 😢

  • @iongo

    Stop posting so much mis-information. Please. You confuse a lot of new people in the forum, and you focus on negatives, never positives. Opera 20 is lean, faster than Opera 12, renders sites better, has innovative features like the Speed Dial with folders (the best Speed dial of any browser on the internet), and other innovations like Stash, Discover, Off road Mode, is open to be able to being able to use vastly more extensions than Opera 12 (indeed it can generally use any extension in the store for Opera 20 AND in the Chrome store. And there are a wide range of super possibilities in these extensions. The browser is all told in some regards, though still a work in progress, really, quite wonderful.

    Now I'm not going to go through all of your long whining 😉 list. I don't have the time, but it's mis-leading and offensive to me. Clearly you can set a home page with a url to take you to it or urls. Just explore the settings menu a little under Browser. You can open to your selected home page or pages (even pages in the computer. You can open to the tabs that were open when you closed the browser. And you can open to the Speed Dial. It's your choice. Take a little time and looking at Settings/Browser -- the menus there. It's right in front of your eyes. And I just told you -- and this really is frustrating -- in this very thread how to hide the Google Search bar from the Speed Dial. It took me a lot of my time. You thanked me, but then have repeated in your latest post the same absurd assertion, that you are "forced to have Google on the Speed Dial. " Did you read what I wrote in this thread in response to your first post? You can hide it! Go read what I wrote in my last post on how to do it! And why do you think the Google bar was on the Speed Dial in the first place. Opera needs to finance developing this product and offering it to you for free, It doesn't "suck." That was a financial arrangement (Google paid Opera to have the dial there, I understand to have been the case) to help Opera develop the product and not charge you a cent. And Opera does let you hide the Speed Dial if you don't want it there taking up Browser space. So really no more of your whining posts. Stop it!

    Most of your customization in Opera comes through extensions. There's an Opera extension called Custom New Tab Page, which lets you set a url for a new tab page (if you don't want the speed dial for a new tab). There's an extension in Chrome where you can configure the keyboard. It starts with V. I can't quite recall the name (Vimium?) and am not at my desktop to find it. And I'm sure you can find what you want for getting to the home page easily. It's really not a big deal. I don't think you need that extension. But you have to do a little work, and not make all the quesions, as if the feature isn't there -- an attack on Opera 20. It confuses those who are new here, and simply isn't right. Take some time and shop through the Extensions in the Opera and Chrome stores. To use an Chrome extension, you need the Opera extension, "Download Chrome Extension." Now if you don't like the Opera 20 browser, just use another one. It's been offered to your free. You're not paying anything.

  • I meant to say on why the google search bar is on the speed dial page that: My understanding was, from comments in this forum, that that was a financial arrangement -- Google paid Opera to help Opera develop the product and not charge the user of the browser a cent. And Opera does let the user hide the Google search bar if he or she don't want the Google Search bar in their face or taking up browser space. Here's something similar I found on Firefox -- where Google paid Firefox to have it as the default search engine.

    In that 2011 article it is is noted that Google pays Mozilla almost a billion dollars to be the Default engine in Firefox, and it is through deals like these that browser developers are able to offer their product for free.