Control+tab or control+shift+tab crashes opera

  • I'm currently running 50.0.2762.58, and every time I try to cycle tabs via control+tab or control+shift+tab, opera closes abruptly and restarts.
    I have no idea why this is happening, and it's only started recently.

  • The same happens to me on Opera 51.0.2830.8, and has happened on version 50 as well. It usually happens when I press Ctrl+Tab while I have many tabs open.

  • Define "many". 20? 50? 200?

  • Seeing the same issue with the last three releases of Opera (currently on 50.0.2762.67). Opera crashes with CTRL+TAB or SHIFT+CTRL+TAB. Hope a solution is found soon. A clean install (complete uninstall + remove profile etc. + reinstall) solved the issue, but just for 2 days and the issue is back again. Clean install doesn't appear to be a permanent solution.

  • Does disabling hardware acceleration makes any difference?

  • Been having the same issue! I hope there is a fix for this soon!

  • I opened tons of tabs (maybe 200) out of curiosity and tried crashing it but it seemed stable with Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab. Browsed some and didn't notice anything.

    Maybe it's specific to some hardware config.

  • Not sure it's hardware related. It's happening on my HP Z1 workstation running Win 7 as well as my Lenovo X1 Carbon running Win 10. I used to think it was only happening with a particular website I visit regularly (The NIH Pubmed database of research paper), but seems to be happening on other sites too.

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