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Multiple Processes for opera.exe

  • 3 months, no problem, since I stopped with Chrome (I had been using that along with Opera 12), and started using Opera 19-21. Also, I had Chrome on a setting to keep on, even when I wasn't using Chrome. There were some games I used. That might have been the problem too. It wasn't a laptop. Mine was a desktop.

    Also I did get messages from my Norton Security program warning that "Chrome" was using almost of my CPU. I never get messages like that about Opera (haha, crossing my fingers), at least not yet.

    Now dededere does have an old notebook, and that bluescreen problem may well be more than Opera.

  • oh so this is why my old notebook gets overheated and restarts via bluescreen 😃
    great job Opera ^^ realy...AWESOME -.-'

    Probably not unless you're opening lots of tabs with pages that uses cpu a lot.

  • [mod edit: stay on topic and don't hijack posts please]
    Speed is not everything... one needs some luxury and style too. Opera lost that somewhere. Multiple instances is not really a good way forward, even if it does increase speed.

  • After updating to multiprocessor version had definite computer slow-down.

    It's back to 12.17 for me (a version that also works with outlook).

    In addition, always thought that there was a definite advantage of a single-process browser. If things screw up, just shut it down and restart it. Multiple processes seem to multiply like rabbit droppings. Need to open task manager to clean them all up.

    Anyone else feel the same?

  • Opera 12 64bit runs plugins on a separate process, so if for example Flash crashes, Opera 12-64 doesnt. Or so have been my experiences. Running windows on a separate process is a memory eating gimmick imho, i have yet to see any benefit from that. In fact, if it goes crazy it is kept within a few cores (i have 8 in total) and doesnt affect the rest of the PC.

  • A tab may crash as well. And in this case, a multi-process browser doesn't die with it, but can handle it.
    There's light and shadow to everything on earth...

  • With Opera using so many processes, it weighs down my system and slows my entire system down and most times it crashes my computer.

  • Yeah, its not Opera causing the problem. Having several processes running doesn't cause problems. Windows itself off a clean install generally runs 40-60 processes depending on the version of the OS you are using. Opera running 5 is not the sources of your computer crashing nor is it why your computer is running slowly. Either your system is so old it will be eligible to vote in 2016 or you've got some malware or other system issue as the root cause.

  • Opera 26 takes huge time to open/close tabs (about 1 sec compared to 0 in opera 12) whether it's due to process per tab or not. When click new/anylink/close, there's no wait cursor, just hanging for 1 second.
    i5 8GB Win7-64

    Is it same case for other users?

    I try to get used to new version but I hate this. Like bad dream where you try to run and cannot, moving sooo slow 🙂

  • It shouldn't operate like that and for most users it doesn't. Sounds to me like you have some kind of malware infection. Get a copy of Malwarebytes, Spybot and CCleaner and have them have a go at your system. Things like Norton are kind of useless for that.

  • Thanks I'll give them a try
    Although I don't experience any slowdowns in other programs (like 3d games). Google chrome is blazing fast.

    BTW while I type this text I feel freezes like each 5 seconds (in text editor). Opened this same page in google chrome and editor shows no lags. Not whining, using opera since 2002 sun solaris version 🙂

  • Yeah, that definitely doesn't sound normal for Opera. If those malware scanners don't turn up anything I can't think of what the source of your problems would be. You don't have Opera Turbo turned on by accident do you?

  • If all the specs of your install fit your system reqs, what plug-ins and extensions do you have installed and enabled? I had a certain conflict in my Chrome recently, so...

    Actually, it was a player, a separate app but sorta "integrated" etc.
    Try running your browser for a while with everything else shut the hell down...:idea:

  • I'm pretty sure my i5 is quite capable.
    No plugins extensions etc in opera, pure stock. No malware (have run Malwarebytes to make sure, also run avast constantly)
    No Opera turbo.

    I frequently run the Opera as single app and it's the same as together with some 3d games. Tried without uTorrent -the same.
    I guess I'm gonna reinstall 26 /rollback to v25 to see if it makes any difference.

  • mistery solved, I had 3 tabs with apparently overscripted site ( ), in Opera 12 I had JS disabled for it.
    closed them and everything is back to normal
    thanks to everyone for advices

  • There is no reason to have multiple processes. Proper threading will handle it and save on memory usage.

    The real problem with all browsing these days seems to be JavaScript. it is a lethal disease that has crept into internet. A good browser needs to put a muzzlie on JS. Otherwise it will gobble up everything and give you nothing but an "experience" you'll not want to repeat.

  • There is no reason to have multiple processes.

    Sure there is. If a tab crashes and your whole web browser uses only a single process, welp, back to the desktop you go. If each tab and extension is in its own process, when one crashes it only takes out that one extension or tab. The browser keep on going and you can easily track down whats causing the problem without losing whatever else was open at the time. It also allows you to use multiple CPU cores for your program without having to make complex and difficult to maintain multi-threaded code.

  • It is not the number of processes, but the amount of memory each demands. The point is that with a couple of open tabs displaying static content, Opera eats half a gig.

  • Is half a gig a lot of memory in your opinion? How much RAM does your system have? 4 gigabytes is considered a pretty minimal amount to have if you want to run any version of Windows made after XP. As long as your system isn't using its swap file it doesn't matter how much load your RAM is under. That is what it is there for and you wont see performance fall if its under 90% load as long as the swap file isn't being used.

  • All of you above answered all my questions. Thanks.