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  • For the last 7/10 days any websites that I have on my speed dial are taking far longer than ever before to load...up to 30/40 seconds at times
    Yet, strangely, all websites in bookmarks are as instant as usual.
    If I transfer a web site from speed dial to bookmarks it works just fine as instant.
    Why these delays with speed dial.?

  • Speed dial has now been renamed..SNAIL DIAL...I've had to move all my speed dial content over to bookmarks to get back to previous performance levels.
    It simply takes far too long for anything in Speed dial to load.
    It seems no-one can give me answers...or no-one else is having the same problem.?

  • I know I don't see it - I just checked and it loaded in 5 seconds.

  • @sgunhouse
    Good for can take much longer for 45 seconds or more.
    No idea why this has suddenly appeared. I've been with Opera for some years now and this is the first time I've had any such irritations.
    Speed dial has always worked well for me...until the last couple of weeks.

  • Using the Stable version (which should have updated to 50 recently)?

  • V50 updated recently...but this began to happen just before I updated...I hoped that the update would cure it.!...wrong.!

  • And when you refer to using bookmarks working faster, you mean from the bookmarks bar, the bookmarks manager, the menu, or some extension?

  • I guess it's the menu.?...I have either speed dial, all bookmarks or unsorted bookmarks.
    If I click on any website that I have saved in speed dial then I get delay...if I transfer that website from speed dial to "all bookmarks" then I get NO delay...or if I choose ANY website that I already have in my "all bookmarks" or "unsorted bookmarks" then I have no problem.
    It is only "speed dial" that gives me issues..??

  • @neild1212
    Well, I hoped that the very recent update (24 hours ago) might have cured this irritation...but NO...speed dial is STILL snail dial..taking 45 seconds or more to load a website...yet from bookmarks it's instant.???

  • Use Sync and create a clean profile, then try from the new one.

    You can do +/- the same copying the bookmarks file to the new profile.

    For the clean profile:

    • Opera Help > Find solutions.
      | - And rename the profile folder -.

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