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  • Hello
    Vpn does not work under Windows 1709 16299.125. It stays congeal in Orange Color.
    When we click better location not ya only displays. I have uninstall and reinstalls Opera but it's always the same.
    Thank you for your answers.


  • This post is deleted!
  • VPN worked for some days then when I wanted to choose Singapore, it stopped working forever. It is no more connecting, and the list with the places like Singapore or others is empty.

  • Looks like some new servers on today.
    When I select Americas and Optimal location, Egypt comes up.
    Selecting Europe gives me the Ukraine.
    Asia still gives me Sweden....oh and they all are slow and videos run terrible.

    The VPN from a couple weeks ago performed much better.

  • @raresantoniu I had the same problem. I had to uninstall Opera and installed it back. But there still is another problem. The IP address provided for "Americas", it is one from Norway (Go figure). There is not countries any more but blocks as Europe, Asia and Americas. I have no clue about this, though.

  • My opera updated itself 2 days ago. I could use VPN fast and had no problems with it. Now, i can connect but it's like 33.6kbps connection. I hope they revert it to the old one..

  • @vicinelli said in IS VPN with problem now?:

    @cbrown72701 It seems that they changed VPN considerably. There are fewer server options, it is unreliable, it keeps disconnecting, and the speed is unusable.

    If this is not fixed soon, I'm going back to Firefox, there is no reason to use Opera without the fast and free VPN.

    the bit about firefox not true. firefox and cyberfox both take FAR longer to launch, plus with opera you can use both opera and chrome extensions. so in a nutshell even without the vpn in my book opera is the better choice.

  • ... Since version 49.0.2725.64 - installed 22 December.

    We now choose Europe / Americas / Asia or Optimal Location

    They all funnel through 77.11.24x.xx

    They all slow down upload and download speed enormously like in one test from 33Mbps to 345Kbps !!!

    NOT good.

    Opera's new VPN provider sucks.


  • Dear Opera employees,
    Can you give us a clue when the VPN problems might resolve? Is this the new normal, or should we just wait a couple days for things to improve? We need to know whether to get a new VPN or just wait for Opera VPN to improve.

    I'm still using v49, but there are only 3 VPN regions, all going through Norway or Sweden. I need the USA, which I was getting fine every day until last night.

  • Hey guys everything is explained here:

    But how long is "soon" and when will there be as much bandwidth as before?

  • @vpnuser3333 All regions mentioned on the blog post are already available.

  • @vpnuser3333 Since it's the Christmas break, I guess the slowness issue may take a while to be solved.
    Also, they may be facing more traffic than expected and there is a need for adjustments.

  • I use VPN but no virtual location available under 'Select a virtual location' box

    Opera 49.0.2725.64 (Stable)
    OS Windows 7 64-bit

  • I'm located in US.

    Every time Opera's VPN was turned ON, the optimal location connected me to a Senegal (a West Africa country) IP address. Google search page was redirected to with Russian as interface language.

    And the Virtual Location drop-down only gives me 3 other options -- Asia, Americas, Europe. No matter which one I picked, Google always redirects my search to

    Any fix for that? Thanks in advance.


  • @leocg said in IS VPN with problem now?:

    @vpnuser3333 All regions mentioned on the blog post are already available.

    Maybe, but available does not mean performance is usable.

  • @vpnuser3333 said in IS VPN with problem now?:

    Hey guys everything is explained here:

    But how long is "soon" and when will there be as much bandwidth as before?

    Yes but even more complaints than found here.

    I am really disappointed that Opera does not issue updated info about this problem so we are all aware that something is being done about it instead of leaving us in the dark.

  • ISP is Verizon FiOS. Machine is a 3 year old MB Pro running latest version of High Sierra and latest version of Opera.
    With VPN my results are:
    Download 380 kbps
    Upload 420 kbps
    Latency = 92 ms
    Without VPn my results are:
    Downloads: 58.44 Mbps
    Uploads: 54.02 Mbps
    Latency = 16 ms
    Test site used was SpeedOf.Me
    Might others consider posting their speeds w/ and w/o VPN on?

  • Hello,

    Why the speed of VPN was reduced so much?

    The option of having a good VPN service from the box was one of the main reasons to choose Opera. Now this service is useless. The speed is so slow that even a simple internet surfing is a pain in ass.

    Please do something with it.


    EXCERPT: "In the past, the VPN service was hosted and operated by SurfEasy LLC, a company recently acquired by Symantec. We have looked into the best options for hosting the service and came to the conclusion that the browser VPN service should be moved to our own data centers. "

    While this explains the extreme slowdown (for me the download is only 1.4Mbps), there is nothing on this blog that suggests the VPN speed is going to improve to match the superior service provided by EasySurf. At its current performance level the new Opera VPN is useless for video viewing.

    Has anyone received any information from Opera to suggest that the slowdown, as a result to Opera switching VPN services, is only temporary and service will return to performance levels comparable to EasySurf?

  • Yes the old free VPN was good and had decent overall speeds.

    This new VPN is very slow but still decent for strictly text usage. However the new VPN is slow for loading pics and totally useless for viewing videos. Since nothing is being done to improve it, perhaps this was the intent of Opera all along. After all Opera VPN is free.