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Opera for Android 44

  • The proposed text in the browser toolbar does not load immediately - you have to click it several times to open in the Google search engine from the web bar;
    Annoying message (covering the content of the page) when opening multiple pages in a new tab: "A new tab has been opened. Switch "which constantly reloads, charges and does not disappear when opening multiple cards;
    You do not need an ad block counter (you can not even reset it);
    There is no preview if the site is already added to favorites;
    While browsing the videos, for example, on and extinguishing the screen, the browser stops playing video (voice);
    No access to the synchronization panel;

    Rating: 8/10

  • After the last update, the videos of some news sites do not open. What would be the reason?

  • @miyukiwork said in Opera for Android 44:

    @jerryteacup said in Opera for Android 44:

    Scrolling up to summon the top toolbar doesn't work. Doong that in any speed used to do it, now it seems like I can only do it by a very aggressive scroll-up. Not good.

    Any example site? It will help us fix the issue faster.

    EVERYWHERE! You changes something fundamentally, obviously. This problem exists also on my tablet.

    Refreshing pages doesn't work properly. On some pages like Yahoo! Mail some elements turn blank after refreshing.

    This is a known issue, and we are looking into it.

    Also, take a look at the interface on mobile phone. You have not one but TWO menus but the navigation buttons are hidden. Why. How'bout re-thinking that? Accounts and bookmarks would work nicely from one single menu.

    From reading your comment, you are on a mobile phone, but chose to use Tablet layout. Any reason why you chose that layout? Unfortunately, tablet layout on mobile phone still have some challenges.

    Simple. Tabs are on top on every browser I use. Previous version had the layout well thought out. Now you broke it.

  • @leocg said in Opera for Android 44:

    deleted cookies and could login here

    same problem i facing, this post reading comments then solve my problem.

  • I want the annoying new tab toast removed because i have OCD and please add an option to change open in new tab behavior so it opens new tab in front instead in background

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