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I've finally decided to upgrade to "Next"

  • There are a number of tab extensions for someone who uses a lot. You can look at the Opera extensions, but I like some for tabs in the Chrome store. To use a Chrome extension in Opera, you need first the Opera Extension, Download Chrome Extension.

    In the Chrome Store, people talk about Too Many Tabs for Chrome (though I haven't tried it).

    There's also Quick Tab, which conquers extreme tab usage through a drop-down menu that presents all currently open tabs. A search function is also available. While TooManyTabs is likely the better choice for users who routinely open 20+ tabs, lighter tabaholics may prefer Quick Tab.

    And I like for undoing closed tabs, Sexy Undo Closed Tab.

    You can install extensions, and if you don't like them, uninstall them quite easily.

    On Search engines, right click on the main address bar, and you get five to chose from as default. You can add though search engines by going to the site of the search engine and right clicking on the search bar there. Then you set up/find out the letter or letters to type in front of your search, and you can use that engine in the main address bar. Of course, you can also add search engines via extension.

  • o) Is there a way to move this bar to the right side of the screen? There, widescreen monitors offer enough space to properly display the website AND the title of the tabs^^

    Not at this moment. They are working on tabs handling improvement so i think there is a chance of side/vertical tabs to return.

  • @dlder

    A bit more detail on adding search engines (which I just put in another thread but am adding here in case you don't see that other one).

    If you want to search with something else (other than the five main potential default search engines), go to the website of the search engine (in this case let's say, duckduckgo), right click on the search bar there, and add the engine to Opera. Then right click on the address bar, go to edit search engine, and you will see the letter that goes with duckduckgo. It happens to be a d. So if you want to search with DuckDuckGo from the address bar, just type d [and your search from the address bar]. So you can search from the Opera address bar with almost any search engine, by just adding it to Opera (at the search website) (finding the initial (s) to precede your search. Dogpile is do [plus the search] (once you add it to Opera).

    Alternatively, you can add extensions that might be good for you in terms of security. If you're concerned about that, the Disconnect Search extension may be perfect for you. Whatever you type in the Search bar when you use a major search engine can only be traced to Disconnect Search, not to you. They have five default search engines (one of which is DuckDuckGo, and you can set up the one you want to operate from the main Opera Search bar. If you do through Disconnect Search, the search query is private, not traced to you (or so the Disconnect Search people are saying). And through using Disconnect, you can even make DuckDuckGo a default search in the Omnibus search-address bar -- even though it is not one of Opera's default engines.

    Hope some of this might help you.

  • Thank you all for your comments and help! Greatly(!) appreciated!

    I never found extensions quite useful; now it seems one needs them 😃

    Anyway, I'll be going through them and if I'm lucky, they are going to do the job and I finally can let the good old Opera12 RIP ("you will never be forgotten!)^^

    Until then,

  • Man I've tried quite a few tab managers (from Opera and Chrome store), but for now, Sidewise is about the only one that might do the trick...
    I still have to use it the next couple of days to see if it really does work as I hope it will^^
    The other two promising candidates:

    Tab-Sidebar (
    Extra window with not really that many features, but is "small and lightweight". It does the trick of listing and switching tabs (and windows for that matter)

    Tabs Outliner (
    If your really want to manage everything about your tabs and windows with notes/seperators/folders and what not, this is for you. But although it has a lot of features, it is pretty easy to use!

    Next I'm gonna try to get myself into "searching" in the new Opera...

  • I don't know if I should keep posting questions about different topics in here, but I just might as well:

    Is it only me, or doesn't Opera allow to create URL files anymore? I extensively create links to websites as .url files by dragging and dropping the URLs into a folder on my harddisk...

    Thanks in advance!

  • @dlder

    I believe the next version of Opera will have the full URL in the address bar. Are you sure if you select the entire address, and click copy and then paste it, you aren't getting enough of an address in your folder. I think you might be. Now we don't see the full url, but if I select it, copy it, and enter it in a the address bar of a new tab, the link works and you go to where you are supposed to go. 🙂

    I wanted to mention that I also like the extension Add Bookmark from the Opera store

    It gives you if you right click on the page, the ability to click "bookmark it" Now you also can create bookmarks by (a) clicking on the green star on the right of the address bar, (2) dragging a link from the speed dial to the personal bookmarks bar, or (3) dragging the icon on the far left of the address bar to the personal bookmarks bar. I do find useful and intuitive though having that right click context menu for adding a bookmark, so I wanted to pass it along to you as a suggestion/my recommendation. 🙂

  • Opera doesnt show the full URL in the address bar, but if you copy/paste it into something it will have the full Http:// and WWW attached to it.

  • Oh, and a little tip: type "launcher.exe --help" into CMD
    There are some nice features to add 🙂

    --with-feature:activation-order-tab-cycling : Enables tab cycling in activation order rather than tab strip order.

    --with-feature:restore-contenteditables-state : Enables restoration of contents of content editable elements when restoring session and when navigating in history.

    -> I'm not quite sure what that does...

    Unfortunately nothing to set a different profile location :-\

  • @dlder
    2.2: I didn't even notice there were not all search engines... On the other hand, it's sort of logical, as there can be too many custom engines.

    Anyway, the list in the suggestion dropdown contains the hardwired engines, from default_partner_content.json, followed by custom ones, in the order of their ids, as specified in the database Web Data, the table keywords. I've just tested changing the ids, it works. 🙂 I use SQLiteManager for that. Close Opera and backup the database before hacking it.

  • Unfortunately nothing to set a different profile location :-\


    You might also want to use --disk-cache-dir=path

  • @dlder it's easier to enable those features in opera:flags so they're enabled regardless of how Opera is launched.

  • I believe the next version of Opera will have the full URL in the address bar.

    It already has but it's not enabled by default iirc.

  • @lem729
    I believe the next version of Opera will have the full URL in the address bar.

    No, what I meant: I cannot drag-and-drop the URL to a file. I've had this issue once in an older Opera version and can't remember if there was a problem with my Opera install, or Windows, or what not.
    That's why I asked, if no one can do this, or if it's just me 🙂


    Nice one!!


    Really good to know, thanks!
    Is there any documentation on all those "opera:*" pages?