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Prevent my bank from logging me out every 10 minutes

  • I use Opera for all my banking sites. I hate that my bank keeps logging me out every X number of minutes.

    Is there any script, plugin or any other way to prevent my bank website from logging me out so soon? Maybe 30 minutes or 60 minutes would work for me. 10 minutes as it currently is鈥攊s annoying!


  • Not certain about your bank, but on mine the time is with no activity visible to the server - no reloads or on-site links. A script to auto-reload the page every 8 minutes would suffice,

  • @sgunhouse Thanks for your reply. Do you know of any such script for Opera?

  • If I were home I'm sure I could find one. As I'm on break at work, it'll have to wait.

  • @projectguru Just for curiosity, why would you need to keep you bank page idle for so long while logged in? It can be a security issue, that's the reason for the time limit.

  • @leocg 30 minutes (as I noted in my original post) isn't that long when you're running a business and have to do some accounting tasks. If I get a phone call or have to run to the bathroom, by the time I get back, I have to log in again. To me every second that I save means I can be more productive. Need any more convincing? 馃檪

  • You can search for a "Reload every" extension or usescript if you want.

    | - UsersScripts needs Tamper/Violent Monkey extension to work -.

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  • Note though that you'll need to allow the extension to work on secure sites - Opera normally does not allow extensions on secure sites.

  • Hmmm...

    Because of this you told about a script?

    And do you mean about the Private Window/Tab or there is a flag to allow it on Secure sites?

    I've noted that some extensions like the translator works fine, even here on the forums, but don't on the Addons site.