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  • @rehmanjamshoro
    Please stop spamming. I have already told you that it is a scam and we're not responsible for it.

  • OK sir who is responsible it. told me

  • I don't know that. Some website that you have visited on your phone, had has this spam advertisement included.

  • @rehmanjamshoro said in Spam advertisement:

    OK sir who is responsible it. told me

    This scam has been going on for several weeks. See:

    Scams like this can be difficult to trace beyond the original website you visit, since they are often the result of malicious ads running remotely on that website. Many sites don't sufficiently check out to whom they rent ad space on their sites, and sometimes ads on a site are sub-rented out to still other end advertisers by a middle man company. Such ads generate pop-ups independent of the site itself, and can be very difficult to trace back to the authors.

  • General, one should always check the URL when "offered" or asked to submit any personal information, at least when it seems unusual. I do.
    I even check the URLs each time I enter my bank account online.
    EACH time. Just in case a piece of malware should all of a sudden appear somewhere trying to redirect. Thing is, there are cons trying to mask their pages as something else: bad people can replicate the layout and such, but the browser will always show you the URL - heed it.
    A little while ago, with my Firefox there was a redirect to a "Mozilla upgrade offer", but the URL was not of Mozilla's. I had trouble to close the page/tab, managed to only do that with my system Task Manager; then I reopened the browser, found that wrong URL in the history, and reported it. You should do the same👍

  • I received d sane message too. hw can I claim it?

  • @evanmic Can't you read? Opera is not related to this, ask the site which showed you the ad.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @amatczak I also received a message today that I won iPhone X but how can I get it? Or is it another fake thing?

  • @laygyza I'm sure it is ... if you can't tell your image files were too large - I'm not certain what the size limit is, but if it is too large you get that.

  • @laygyza said in Spam advertisement:

    @amatczak I also received a message today that I won iPhone X but how can I get it? Or is it another fake thing?

    MacBook scams actually have been around longer than iPhone scams... but the product these scams offer "for free" are limited only by the imagination of the scammer. The scammer's only requirement is that the item be popular, since they don't have any intentions of giving away an actual item... they just want a click/user response to their scam message.