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after installing the new version of opera (12.17) my keyboard doesn't work anymore

  • After the new version of opera is installed (version 12.17) my keyboard doesn't work anymore. I am using now chrome. I have restarted my computer, but that didn't help. I have no such a problem with other programs like chrome, Words etc.

    How can I solve this?

    Kind regards,


  • How is your keyboard connected to the computer? If by USB port, have you switched to another USB port and tried it from there?

  • If it fails, try a clean installation, it will very likely fix the problem.

    You could also use opera v20 instead of chrome, both are very similar.

  • The keyboard doesnt work for anything on the computer ? other programs ? Hard to believe installing a browser would disable a keyboard. Cant you try a system restore or something ? I dont use system restore, I mirror image my C drive on a regular basis and keep important stuff on drives D E F and H, something I recommend to anyone.

  • Are we correct in assuming you mean the keyboard no longer works just for Opera, since you are "using now Chrome"?

    Does your Opera installation have any plug-ins that might be hogging focus (in which case, try F9 to force it back to Opera itself)? Also, have you tried deleting Opera's sessions (autosave) files and deleting the vlink4.dat file (all with Opera turned off)?

  • It looks like this topic depicts the same issue:

  • The same thing has happened to me. Opera 12.17 is dead. I cannot use my keyboard for anything within the browser. Though it works for every other program, and browser just fine. So obviously there is a major issue with this update.

  • Have you tried a clean install to make sure it's not a bug due to updating?

    You can do a usb standalone install(or whatever it's really called) in a different folder just to see if it works without disturbing your current settings.

  • It's not an Opera 12.17 problem. The topic I posted of an user having the same issue predates 12.17 existence.

    Try one of the suggested solutions, e.g. disable plug-ins.

  • Actually yes, I did. I have done a uninstall and then a clean install. Same problem. No working keyboard...

    So uninstall again. restart the computer... and reinstall 12.16.

    Guess what?

    Whatever bug was in 12.17 as now made 12.16 unusable too. The funny thing is I can type one letter into 12.16 before it goes unresponsive to the keyboard. So whatever the problem is. It's finally forced me to move away from Opera. And damn I hate to move.. Opera is the best browser I have ever used. And the Speed Dial made the everything so easy.

    Admittedly it didn't work the best with my phone and tablet. (links added only went one way... to my computer.)

    All said. I would have stayed with Opera for years to come, if they had left 12.X well enough alone. It is/was the best of all the browsers.

  • It's not an Opera 12.17 problem. The topic I posted of an user having the same issue predates 12.17 existence.
    Try one of the suggested solutions, e.g. disable plug-ins.

    And to make an addendum. I never added any plug-ins to my copy of Opera 12. It was fine as is. So that's not an issue... Even if I knew how to turn plug-ins on/off in the first place.

  • As a test, try a usb standalone install. It won't use whatever settings are in the registry so if it works, then it's very likely a registry entry that got screwed up during the upgrade which you would have to find and remove.

    If it doesn't, it's very odd.

  • Plugins are on the F12 "Quick Preferences" menu, also available under menu > Settings (or Tools under the old style toolbar) as your keyboard isn't working ...

    Have any special software related to the keyboard installed? One of those macro programs might not find newly-installed software until you restart the computer. Another possibility is "game mode" under nView, if you have nVidia graphics on that machine and use nView.

  • I have an older Microsoft keyboard (maybe about 8 years old). Nothing fancy. Nothing that has caused any issues in the past.

    I have found that Enter works, as does the space bar, delete, backspace, tab, and shift.. as well as the ctrl/alt + any letter works at it should... but just not the letter/numbers themselves. It's as if the center of my keyboard is a void in the eyes of Opera 12 now.

    I've unchecked the allow plug-ins (thank you), and even tried installing the program in a folder of my choosing. Nothing changes the behavior of Opera now.

    And yes, I have restarted the computer many times. Both before, and after, an installation. Nothing changes.

    I may be dense in somethings... What is this USB standalone install I have heard mentioned? And how would I go about doing it? I assume it's something simple.. but I want to ask first.

    I'm willing to try most anything to get Opera working correctly. I am shuddering at the thought I my have to use Chrome (and it's fragmented way of doing things) as my browser for the foreseeable future.

    So keep throwing out suggestions for me to try.

    I think I will try a system restore and see if that does anything. Crossing my fingers.

  • Some systray program is configured to popup when a certain key combination is pressed, but that leaves Opera thinking the modifier key used is still pressed. I used to get that with a dictionary program I had (WordWeb), if I used the keyboard shortcut to activate it my keyboard would act just like that until I tapped the modifier key by itself (so that Opera could see it get released). Though as you describe restarting the computer and so on I'm not sure how it keeps getting re-triggered.

  • I may be dense in somethings... What is this USB standalone install I have heard mentioned? And how would I go about doing it? I assume it's something simple.. but I want to ask first.

    When you start the installer, click on options, change the path if it defaults to an already installed version and change the "install for" option to "Stand-alone installation (USB)". It will be disabled if the install path is the same as another opera installation which is why you need to change the path first.

    The installation and all its settings will be confined to the installation folder you choose and it will ignore the settings of all the other installed opera.

  • Whatever bug was in 12.17 as now made 12.16 unusable too.
    As I said there's another user having the same issue before 12.17 even existed, and also the 12.16 installation certainly overwrote anything 12.17 wrote in your disk. Your theory is simply impossible. SIMPLE LOGIC.

  • I have exactly the same issue and the above suggestions don't seem to have fixed it. No problems until I upgraded to 12.17 an hour ago. Now the keyboard (built in laptop keyboard) does not work at all in Opera, but works fine in everything else. I then downloaded a fresh copy of Opera USB 12.16 and opened it from a separate location, but had the same issue in it. I have used Opera USB for years. Any more suggestions are welcome..

  • Assuming the user-supplied information is accurate, the problems described thus far appear to be sudden-onset in nature and seemingly 'permanent', many (but not all) cases involving an Opera 12.17 installation/update process. The one case (cited in @rafaelluik's link) that involved "12.1x" predates Opera 12.17's release by a week, did not involve an Opera install operation, and occurred "out of the blue". The problem, once it occurs, seems to persist across Opera re-installs, Opera version changes within the Presto family, and Opera installs to new locations... but thus far seems not to affect software other than Opera.

    Ordinarily, problems of this nature hint at something that has changed on the host computer which uniquely involves or affects Opera's code - something either in the registry, in the OS software modules themselves, in policing software (file permissions, AV, anti-malware, ISP parental-control software, etc), or through viral attack/infection. Such change can occur either via computer/software crashes, various software updates, or malware attacks... but the "clustered" appearance of now-multiple instances implies mere crashing is not a likely cause.

    There was a problem many months ago wherein a parental-control program contained in several ISP-provided service packages caused keyboards to start typing gibberish in Opera (but nowhere else), apparently after a silent update to that parental-control program. Several users reported the problem suddenly appearing over a several-week period. The exact problem mechanism was never explained, but the "fix" was for users to disable the parental-control software - and the problem evaporated. The details were in the now-extinct MyOpera forum, and unfortunately I've kept no other records as to what the specific parental-control software was (its name did not directly describe its parental-control role). But it does illustrate the kinds of seemingly unrelated things that can get involved with problems of this nature. (OT rant: it also provides an example of why I am so adamantly opposed to silent updates - things can and do get broken by flawed updates that have no apparent connection to the now-malfunctioning software, and for "silent" updates, victimized users are utterly unaware that an update has even occurred. Problem solving then takes on nightmarish qualities! /rant)

  • Hello you all,

    After reading all your advizes, the last advize of blackbird71 on April the 30th solved my problem. Before I installed a new version of opera I also installed a new version of Zonelabs. One of the improved functions in Zonelabs is "Anti-Keylogger". After I disabled this function and restarted Opera, my problem was solved. I am able to use the keyboard of my laptop again. I am happy that I can use Opera. It's one of the finest browsers available.

    Thank you all, 🙂