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Hate the new Ads? Downgrade to 30.0.x!

  • @leocg Because none of the other provide faster speeds via high page compression and data saving. Also, because we are passionate fans.

  • @sandroklostermann You still didn't realize that I don't work for Opera?

    If those ads ruins the user experience like you said, why don't just politely explain to them how they break that experience? If possible showing user cases.
    It would be more useful than all this 'mimimi' about eventual ads on a free software that probably helped you saving lots of money.

  • @jaron So you are passionate fans but you don't want to play the price for the services the app gives to you?

  • Ads are annoying. Since there has no option to fully opt-out from ads users easily gets annoyed. We do report to Opera that at least give some control to users who doesn't like ads. But devs do nothing. So, users leaves Opera Mini & thus Opera's market share falling down & down. Ref- from StatCounter.
    Browser might show ads no problem at all but why a browser force users to see ads??
    And since Opera Mini force to see annoying adult 18+ Vulgar nude type ads each and every users got annoyed.
    Do you like to see some porn type ads well Opera Mini for you. And you just can't turn them off at all.
    There has a browser named UC Browser. Since it does flooded user's screen with Vulgar ads & force users to see them and for a malware spreading reason Google decided to ban UC from Store for some days. And I'm pretty sure Opera Mini will get banned as well.
    @leocg you said that We should report to Opera. But who do cares???? We continuously report to Opera via Facebook, sometimes on Twitter, sometimes on this forum, sometimes from Opera Mini. But Opera devs DOESN'T CARE... Do you know what's going on behind this reason???
    But I know, Opera now wants to make money that's why by forcing user's to ads & by disgrace the Quality of a great app.

  • @leocg I used to support Opera by introducing it to my friends and family. I stopped when Opera stop innovating.

    There are various ways other browsers monetise off their user. From selling (anonymised) user browsing habits to advertiser to search engine referrals etc... None of these methods are as in your face as fullscreen advertising that user cannot closed.

    At the rate this is going, Opera will be refer to in the same breath as Cheatah Mobile. The only way it will get onto a device is by being pre installed or by tricking user into installing it. That's very far to fall for a company that was once the leader in browser innovation.

  • @jackob11 Those vulgar ads can be reported using the 'Report a problem' tool inside Opera Mini.
    If possible attach a picture of the ad.

    BTW I didn't see any of those ads so far but I don't use Mini that often.

  • @jackob11 There are what the users want and there are what a company needs. Finding a balance between the two may not be easy and not always will please everyone.
    And different users want different things, sometimes opposing each other, and the company needs to deal with that too.

    So just because they didn't do what you want doesn't mean that they don't care.

    Also, my experience shows me that many people seems to don't know how to give a good feedback so it can be taken to the ones who make the decisions.

    Opera is not a non-profit organization, it never was. So yes, they want to make money.

  • @miyukiwork, I believe you work for Opera. Can we have an official answer on this thread? Do you guys consider using the freemium model to remove the ads?

  • @leocg haha, different users may want different things but no users at all want to see some vulgar ads by forcing. And no users want to see any bugs in Opera Mini.
    I already told that actually I'm not satisfied only just because Opera devs doesn't care about bugs & problems. And forcing users to ads is ineed a problem. Its not fair. Opera can show ads but can't force users.
    If I have any feature request or something then Opera devs may neglect. Only in this part they need balance by their user reviews.
    But on (Bug fixing, Problem fixing) part they shouldn't have any problem so far. In this part, indeed if there has any bug, then why do they need keep balancing?? There has some known bugs we're facing from many months even from many years ago but Opera devs neglect to fix those problems.

  • @leocg Yes, there has 'Report to ad' feature. But its not that helpful. If I do report to any ad then another vulgar ad comes up then I again do report then another vulgar ad comes up then another vulgar ad comes up and another...(to be continued) and those vulgar ads comes up over, over, over, over & over again. Mostly those news ads are related to vulgar ads like bikini babes, hot girls, sexual acts, someone's sex tape release, girls lingerie, mens porn consumption etc. etc. bla..bla..bla
    I share my device with my family members and these crappy ads always embarrassed me.
    I'm just sick & tired to report to Opera and I'm exhausted by doing Report & Report & Report to Opera but no improvements from Opera's end.
    All day long, Report to Opera, Report to Opera, Report to Opera, Report to Opera, Report to Opera. But in the end of the day no necessary steps will be taken by Opera.

  • @leocg said in Hate the new Ads? Downgrade to 30.0.x!:

    What I don't get is why people just don't go use another browser if Opera Mini no longer fits their needs. There are lots of options out there like Opera for Android, Firefox, Chrome, etc.

    Opera is the only one left with compression and in some countries data plans are metered and/or expensive, like Germany.

  • @leocg said in Hate the new Ads? Downgrade to 30.0.x!:

    @jaron So you are passionate fans but you don't want to play the price for the services the app gives to you?

    I and lot's here would pay a one time or even subscription fee if there would be an option, like millions of apps do for an ad-free version.

  • @jackob11 said in Hate the new Ads? Downgrade to 30.0.x!:

    Ads are annoying.

    More than that, internet advertising have been frequently used to deliver malware, spyware or worst, ransomeware.

    It's not good enough to expect user to report bad ads or inappropirate content. It should be up to the service provider to be compliant.

  • Showing ads in a browser with an ad locker built-in is almost hypocrite... If Opera need their money from ads, the sites too. If Opera thinks it is acceptable to block other people's ads, block their ads should be too.

  • @sandroklostermann and many of you in this thread,

    Thanks for all the feedback about the new Opera 44.
    Regarding the ads, we are testing new ads and their formats.
    I'll share your input to my team and we'll try to provide good user experience with Opera mobile browser.

  • @jackob11 we actually read your feedback and believe me that we would want to fix every problem our users encounter. Unfortunately we simply can't, because we don't have enough resources to fix every bug. We usually try to fix problems that affect widest group of people first.

    Regarding ads your feedback is very welcome and valuable.

  • @miyukiwork And you got the wrong end.
    We are not talking about Opera Mobile, Opera Mobile 44 or something.
    Actually we're talking about Mini, the Opera Mini. ( Opera Mini )

  • Opera Mini used to NOT have ads. There is NO excuse to add full screen ads to Mini. You're straight up doing what crappy companies like Cheetah Mobile is doing.

  • @jackob11

    Right! Sorry about mixing up the products. mbaluta also pointed out directly to me at work!

  • ads seems gone...